Internet Penetration in India Should Exceed 50 Percent by the End of 2023

A recent report found that there were 692 million internet users across India at the start of 2023, which equated to 48.7 percent of the population. This continues the impressive rise of the online world over the last decade and indicates that by the end of the year, the number of users will exceed 50 per cent.

India has been described as the next frontier for the growth of the internet and technology, and there are already some signs that this is happening. There’s no doubt that having access to the online sphere has already helped to improve the lives of many Indians.

How Is the Internet Improving Life in India?

There are numerous ways that the internet is already improving the lives of people in India who have access to it, and it’s hugely exciting to think what the impact of universal access will be. People can now get hold of information easily and use it to better educate themselves about global topics.

Along with greater opportunities for education, there are internet-based industries that provide more employment opportunities for people in the country. The great thing about many of them is that they are for international companies, meaning that Indians now have the chance to earn much higher salaries than they could have found here.

The Indians that already have access to the internet have found that there are so many more leisure and entertainment options open to them as well. They can enjoy worldwide activities, rather than sticking to solely Indian options.

Instead of only watching Bollywood pictures, Netflix and other streaming platforms now provide access to Hollywood blockbusters. Likewise, rather than simply buying a ticket for the Indian state-run lottery, Indians now have a chance to participate in other countries’ draws around the world thanks to internet-based lottery betting sites.

This would mirror the way the internet made these things possible in western countries like the UK and Ireland, where online access spread fast throughout the late 2000s. Now, Irish people find it perfectly normal to play lotteries in the USA, where they have a chance to win the Powerball lottery. They have grown accustomed to no longer being limited to playing the lotteries based in Ireland, in one of many examples of how the internet is helping tear down traditional borders and boundaries. Now, things are going in the same direction in India.

India is Considered the Next Frontier for the Internet

With all the improvements that have come about already in India, it’s exciting to think about what will happen when the internet becomes ubiquitous. Thanks to the large population in the country of more than 1.4 billion people, India is the next frontier for the internet and will be one of the most important countries to watch out for in the future.

The great thing about the country is the young population, with 65 percent under the age of 35. This means that there are many internet-savvy people growing up now who are aware of the need to gain expertise in key technological industries to prepare for the future. There’s a lot of government support in the country for online ventures and improving the Internet infrastructure, meaning that the gradual spread of access will be seamless and unobstructed.

India is already among the leading countries in terms of the number of people with internet access, but it’s only the beginning. When the online world spreads to people across the whole country, India will be a global superpower in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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