Internal divide in NCP as Sharad Pawar asserts party unity; Jayant Patil remains loyal


In a recent development within the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Sharad Pawar has clarified his stance, reaffirming that the entire NCP will remain united under his leadership. However, some members have joined the government without the party’s approval, leading to divisions within the party.
During the recent oath ceremony, several party members were called upon to sign documents whose contents were unclear to them. Some members reached out to Sharad Pawar and Jayant Patil, expressing their confusion and seeking clarification. Many of these members were unaware of the purpose behind the signatures they provided.
To address these internal challenges, Sharad Pawar has called for an all-party meeting on 1 pm on July 5. The meeting will be held at the YB Chavan Center, aiming to bring all party members together to discuss and resolve the ongoing issues.
It is important to note that only nine individuals who took the oath are aligned with the opposing faction, while the majority of the party members remain loyal to Sharad Pawar. Numerous party members have reached out to Jayant Patil and Pawar, highlighting that they were misled into signing documents without being informed of their purpose. Given the gravity of the situation, Jayant Patil highlights the need for a separate article to address the key points of the ongoing controversy. Patil firmly stands by Sharad Pawar and remains dedicated to the party’s unity.
As the NCP prepares for the all-party meeting, it is expected that the leaders will engage in constructive dialogue to clarify the confusion and reunite the party.