Intel warns of lone wolf attacks on convoys of security forces in J&K

Pakistan-backed terrorists are facing a huge shortage of weapons in the Valley. Intelligence agencies say that they are plotting to attack and snatch weapons from security forces.


Intelligence agencies have issued an alert according to which in the first and second week of October, terrorists can attack convoys of security forces and security establishment. Pakistan-supported terrorists are facing a shortage of weapons, so there can be a big effort to snatch weapons from the security forces. All security agencies have been tipped with the information. Intelligence agencies have issued an alert according to which the security forces can face lone wolf IED attack in Pulwama, Anantnag, Sopore and Sopian. 

There are currently 210 terrorists in the Valley, out of which 95 are foreign terrorists and 115 local terrorists. The highest number of terrorists present in the Valley is of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LeT). The intelligence agency has sent a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) stating that the number of Lashkar terrorists is 55, while 35 terrorists of Jaish, and five of Hizbul Mujahideen.

 According to the list of local terrorists in a report, 37 terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen, 31 terrorists of Lashkar, 14 terrorists of Jaish, and from Al-bader 13 terrorists are present. From January to 30 September, 110 local youths joined various terrorist organisations, most of which have been killed by the security forces. According to the IB report, so far more than 170 terrorists have been killed by the security forces, while more than 30 commanders have been killed by the security forces.

 Right now, most of these terrorist organisations are facing a shortage of commanders and keeping this in mind, the ISI is constantly instructing the terrorist organisations from across the border to unite and carry out a big attack. The terrorists have also been intercepted by the security agencies in which the terrorists can be heard urging their bosses across the border to send weapons consignments and keeping this in mind, the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Pakistani Army are dumping arms and weapons in the Valley by means of drones across the LoC and international border, but due to the promptness of the security forces, many ground workers have been caught and many have been killed. 

Pakistan has been violating the ceasefire in the border areas to infiltrate terrorists before the onset of winter. According to the intelligence agency, these areas will be targeted in the coming days. There will be attempts to infiltrate along the LoC in Kanachak, RS Pura, Hiranagar,Poonch, Rajouri, Uri, Nambala, Karnah and Keran. After the IB report, all security agencies have been alerted along the border and in the Valley so as to thwart any plans of the ISI and the Pakistan Army.