Intel co-founder Gordon Moore dies at 94

Gordon E Moore, the co-founder of American multinational corporation and technology company, Intel Corporation died on Saturday at his home in Hawaii, New York Times reported.
Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation both acknowledged his passing, however, they didn’t give details of his demise. Moore’s foresight concerning the exponential growth of computer chip technology in the 1960s set the stage for the high-tech era. The California semiconductor chip maker that helped give Silicon Valley its name, attained vast industrial domination formerly held by the enormous American railroad or steel industries of bygone eras, according to the report of the New York Times.
Moore always called himself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ as he always wanted to be a teacher but could not become one. Due to his original USD 500 investment in the budding microchip industry, which helped make electronics one of the largest industries in the world, he became a billionaire.
In addition, he is credited with making laptop computers accessible to hundreds of millions of people and with putting microprocessors inside of everything from toaster ovens, bathroom scales, and toy fire trucks to telephones, automobiles, and aircraft, New York Times reported.

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