Insta Coffee: Honey I shrunk the world into your palm

The highs, the lows and the very lows of the social media this week. Lockdown has unlocked a new world online. In the absence of real gratification, the world is sharing, caring and emoting online. And often making an absolute fool of themselves.

TikTok no more:

Founded in China, killed in Punjab. There should be a mandatory distancing between the app and people of Punjab. Known for their slapstick humour, which is often quiet amazing, it does go into overdrive on TikTok when pot-bellied people try and act coy. Of special bane are the “wife tormenting husband” videos with home regimens!

It a Johar to see Karan:

He’s cute, chic and all there, but his Insta stories with his adorable kids get much, much sometime. No, they are gorgeous kids, but to have them throw the spotlight on his T-shirt, his movies or old songs is stuff for tough palettes.

Goretti’s kitchen:

Love her simple recipes, her graphics, her no makeup, beautiful persona and the way she shares guilty, indulgent recipes of lasagna, coffee cakes with yummy elan. What was not yummy was to see Katrina Kaif telling us, toiling denizens, how to wash bartans. Don’t mock us, ma’am.

What’sApp wildfires:

Correct me if I am wrong but a video you have will also be on the what’s app of your husband, kids and in-house maid! Fake or real, these videos and static messages are so prompt that they are even giving online media a run for its money. Soon we will need What’sApp de-addiction centres.

Facebook fiascos:

Please stop posting happy album pictures of you as a gorgeous young one. Even a mule is pretty in his youth.

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