Inspired by TV woman kills another to fake own death

A woman and her lover have been arrested for allegedly killing another woman to fake her own death, the police said on Friday.
The accused woman was inspired by a television show, officials said. According to the police, the accused woman, identified as Payal, a resident of Badhpura village – about 15km from Greater Noida, befriended the victim and killed her with the help of her partner, Ajay Thakur.
She also planted a suicide note in her own name, and tried to pass it off for a suicide, the police said.
Officials said that the deceased worked at a mall in Gaur City area of Greater Noida, and knew Ajay.
The accused revealed during questioning that the victim was of a similar build as Payal, and so the plan was hatched to fake Payal’s death.
Ajay took the victim to Payal’s house, where her throat was slit and her face distorted using acid and hot oil.
She managed to pass the body off for her own even with her remaining family and later escaped with her partner. “Payal’s family believed it to be her body and also cremated it,” the police said. The matter, however, came to light when the victim’s family lodged a missing complaint with the police. The police launched a probe and detained Payal and Ajay on suspicion.

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