Indulge In The Most Luxurious Stay In The Lap of Nature This Diwali

October is amongst the best and most popular months to travel anywhere in the world. The month of October usually has a very pleasant weather with winter standing just at the door and festive vibes all around. Travelling in October is always full of excitement and new adventures. Generally, there are enough long weekends in October that you can easily plan getaways with your family or friends. This year Diwali, also happens to be around one of those October weekends, 4th weekend to be more specific. So, if you are from Delhi NCR and want to spend some quality time with your family away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Resorts by the Baagh in Jim Corbett might just be the perfect place for you. Being just 6 hours away from Delhi, this luxurious resort makes the best weekend getaway option. If you are looking for a luxurious adventure stay this holiday season, then what are you waiting for? Make your Bookings TODAY!

A Luxury Getaway in the Heart of Nature

If you are planning your weekend getaway to the oldest national park in the country, it has to be at the Best Resorts in Jim Corbett. Resorts by the Baagh is the most favourite and popular luxury holiday destination, which enables you to catch a rare wildlife sight and have a luxurious stay in the lap of nature at the same time. Jim Corbett on the other hand, is well known for its conservation of Tigers in India. Resorts by the Baagh, can take you to ultimate safari expeditions into the dense forests and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a big cat yourself. 

Experience Safari First & Check-in Next

Resorts by the Baagh welcomes its guests by saying “Safari First & Check-in Next”. The scenic route to this resort will take you to various spectacular places including dense jungles. This place would give you a feel of safari even actually reaching the resort. This road to get to this resort actually passes through some of the most dense jungles that it is difficult to even get a network there at times. If you are lucky enough then you might be able to spot a big cat on your way. Moreover, the Sal trees covering the road with the Himalayan range being visible at a distance can be an extreme pleasure for your eyes. Therefore, it is not advisable for you to take this road after 6 in the evening. 

How about you Spend your Diwali in The Lap of Nature

If you are willing to spend your Diwali weekend in the lap of nature, then Resorts by the Baagh can be the perfect choice. You can chill out on the bed at this luxurious resort while admiring the astonishing beauty of the Himalayas from your windows. This grandeur resort is packed with facilities to provide you an ultra luxury experience, from magnificent swimming pools to rejuvenating spa centres, you name it. Moreover, staying in the middle of a busy city, you must have forgotten the feeling of how it feels to be surrounded by birds. During your accommodation in Jim Corbett, you can spot some of the rarest birds in India that you would not find anywhere else. To make you feel connected to nature, Resorts by the Baagh serves organic food. All the vegetables are grown inside the resort premises and are extracted by the chefs before preparing your meal. You can also take part in the resort’s organic farming drive and plant vegetables for a better connectivity with nature.

Indulge in an Utmost Luxurious Stay

The aesthetic designs and fancy interiors along with luxurious lounge areas are alluring in nature and can make your stay even better. With state of art designs, every room facilitates such high end amenities that you just want to stay tucked into your soft bed and order in-room dining services. This luxurious resort offers activities like a birding tour, nature walk, hiking activities, jungle safari and a lot of other activities. Resort also has an in house leisure zone which includes a pool table, badminton courts, table tennis, carrom and chess. You will have numerous activities to cover on your luxurious stay at the Resort by the Baaghs. Feel like a King, choose Resorts by the Baagh for your stay Today.

Give Oneself Up To Breathtaking Adventure Activities

In the evening, you can take part in the night safari or you can even stay back at the resort and enjoy the bonfire with live music. Every evening the resort organises games like tambola to entertain their audience. The resort is located near village Patkot which is the last village in that area. If you are an explorer then you can explore the village and meet the locals to know more about the culture of the place and how the people live. The souvenir shop is also one of the attractions of this hotel from where you can buy stuff and make your trip memorable. 

Home Away From Home

Being away from the city’s busy chores, Resorts by the Baagh will give you a feel of home away from home, which makes it perfect to spend your festival at this luxurious place. Right from the moment when you enter the resort, you will experience a captivating fragrance which makes you at ease and feels like home. The opulent ambience of the resort will give you a luxe feel during your entire stay.

What are You Waiting For?

This Diwali, spend some time with your loved ones in the lap of nature by staying in ultimate luxury at one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett. One can always recall his trip by remembering the place where he stayed during his trip. However, a good stay can make your trip memorable and add up to your adventurous travel experience. Experience opulence with a thrill of adventure this Diwali, Reserve your stay at Resorts by the Baagh Today. This 5-star luxury resort offers suites, villas, and luxury tents that become your retreat of calm and leisure from the hectic and noisy daily life.

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