Indore: 22 prisoners released from Central Jail on Independence Day


An official stated on Tuesday that 22 detainees were released from Madhya Pradesh’s Central institution on the occasion of Independence Day due to their exemplary behavior inside the institution.

Nineteen of these inmates were receiving life terms for heinous crimes, while three were serving sentences for lesser offenses.

The convicts were handed certificates of release, were congratulated, and were bid farewell in a courteous manner. They were also told to conduct excellent job after they were released from jail.

Jail Superintendent Dr Alka Sonkar said, “According to the rule of the state government, like every year, those prisoners whose conduct has been good in jail were released on the occasion of Independence day. A total of 22 prisoners were released from the central jail out of which 19 prisoners were serving life sentences in serious cases like murder whereas three prisoners were serving jail terms in normal cases.”