India’s Top Bookstagrammers: Literary Renaissance on Social Media

India’s love affair with books is no secret, and the advent of social media has only added fuel to the fire. Enter Bookstagram – a community of avid readers who share their love for books through stunning visuals and insightful reviews. India is a country that is rich in literature and culture, and it comes as no surprise that the Indian bookstagram community is flourishing rapidly.
Let’s delve deeper into the top 5 Bookstagram influencers in India.

This unique page by Mishika and Sruthi is one of the most vibrant bookstagram accounts out there. These brown girls settled abroad have created this platform to share books and digital media. The twist is that these recommendations are purely books and media by South Asian creators!

This page has my heart! Apurva and Mansi have crafted such an aesthetic page that still creates a web of comfort for readers to come as they are and share their love for reading and literature. Their highlights on Instagram are eye-grabbing and just by spending five minutes browsing through their page, you can grasp the essence of which books to add to your cart.

Resh Susan, the face behind this unique page, found her solace in Bookstagram during a turbulent period in her life. Her account is a fantastic space for book lovers to exchange ideas, discover new authors, and relive childhood memories. It is perfect for anyone seeking an intellectual and creative escape from reality.

Smriti Nautiyal is a dedicated bookworm who posts about different genres of books such as fiction, non-fiction, and young adult. She posts some of Instagram’s most aesthetic reels and connects with every bookworm’s heart like never before. Check out her posts to see if there are any books that interest you and get in a conversation with her – she always replies.

Padmaja’s bookstagram account is a haven for those who love translated literature. She’s an avid reader of English, Marathi, and Hindi books and cherishes her love for Haruki Murakami, Sudha Murty, Arupa Patangia Kalita, Fredrik Backman, and more. Her account is a goldmine for those who want to explore new books and cultures.

The Indian Bookstagram community has seen a surge in popularity. With this in mind, Bookstagrammers have managed to capture the hearts of thousands of readers. They have created a space that’s safe, creative, and insightful. So go ahead and follow them to embark on a journey that’s sure to leave you feeling inspired and intellectually nourished!

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