India’s strength lies in its diversity, says PM during 101 episode of Mann Ki Baat

During the 101st episode of Mann Ki Baat on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the ‘Yuva Sangam’ initiative, saying that India’s strength lies in its diversity and that there is much to see in our country.

PM Modi express during the 101st episode of Mann Ki Baat, “India’s strength lies in its diversity. There is a lot to see in our country. Keeping this in view, the Ministry of Education has taken an excellent initiative named ‘Yuvasangam’.

“The objective of this initiative is to increase People to People Connect as well as to give an opportunity to the youth of the country to mingle with each other. Higher educational institutions in various states have been linked to it.”

According to PM Modi, approximately 1,200 youths visited 22 states during the first round of Yuva Sangam. Everyone who was a part of it is returning with memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

He said, “We have seen that CEOs, Business leaders of many big companies have spent time in India as Back-Packers. When I meet leaders of other countries, many a time they also tell me that they had gone to visit India in their youth.”

He further added, “There is so much to know and see in India that your curiosity will only increase every time. I hope that after coming to know of these exciting experiences, you too will definitely be inspired to travel to different parts of the country.”

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