India’s performance shown signs of a potential World Cup win

Is this the sound of winning the World Cup? Is Team India’s attack close to becoming the best in the world? Have we gotten rid of all our fundamental weaknesses? … The first two things seem to be getting stronger. To discuss getting rid of the rest of the weaknesses later because it’s time to celebrate. However, the truth is that Team India has won a tournament with multiple countries after five years. Now it is time to end the ten-year drought of ICC trophy, which millions of Indians are eagerly waiting for.
Just a few days ago, many experts said that Team India would not be able to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup this time, but this astonishing performance of Asia Cup has forced these critics to rethink their old comments. This is the same Mohammed Siraj who was once expensive, but the then-captain of Team India, Virat Kohli, recognized his hidden talent very early on. Today, he must be proud that the person he trusted has now become the second-best bowler in the Asia Cup and has given his career-best performance in the Asia Cup. Siraj became the first Indian bowler to take the most wickets in the first 10 overs and the only Indian bowler to take four wickets in an over. Siraj indeed showed how much sharpness and variety is in his bowling by dismissing Samarawickrama on an in-swinger and Dhananjaya on seam movement. Even Rohit Sharma wanted to bat first on this pitch. But who knew that the rain would spoil the game so much that some balls would be lower than expected, as happened with Shanaka. Shanaka kept covering the middle stump on this swinging ball of Siraj and the ball took off his off stump. It is also good that Team India has reached its peak at the right time. We have often seen teams fall at the spot after reaching their peak six or eight months earlier. The need is to preserve this success and maintain it. Does India’s 356-run score against Pakistan’s attack and then a 228-run win, and a 10-wicket win after bundling out Sri Lanka for 50, not put India in the queue of potential contenders for the World Cup? Does the improvement in Hardik Pandya’s bowling not seem to have given Team India a complete attack with Bumrah and Siraj? The recent record-breaking success of Kuldeep Yadav on the spin front further strengthens India’s claim. All that is left for Jadeja is to do what he is known for. Shubman Gill has gained tremendous confidence after scoring a century against Bangladesh, which was evident in his cover drives in the final. Ishan Kishan was seen cutting the ball in his familiar style, and the two of them also completed the formality of India’s 10-wicket victory. Today, the India News campaign that the cup is ours has also been sealed.

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