India’s Path To A Viksit Bharat

The writing on the wall by the impartial and determined voters for the biggest “festival of democracy” i.e. the Election 2024 is very clear. They are all aware of the hardwork put in by Prime Minister Modi since 2014 to achieve a New Strong India. Chants of “Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar” slogans have been […]

The writing on the wall by the impartial and determined voters for the biggest “festival of democracy” i.e. the Election 2024 is very clear. They are all aware of the hardwork put in by Prime Minister Modi since 2014 to achieve a New Strong India. Chants of “Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar” slogans have been regular in different parts of the country. This is because the Prime Minister’s reli gion is India and welfare of all Indians. He has set a new benchmark of reforms and governance as never before and has a stellar status in the world as a role model. He has ensured “India First” in every policy formation. There has been a meteoric leap in in economic reforms, health care, serving the poor, nari shakti, catapult ing a tech-driven India, in frastructural development, environment and sustain ability, security and stabil ity and an overall growth in all sectors. His devotion, grit and determination have rejuvenated and resurged India’s unity, development and pride of a new great Bharat. India has the third largest start up eco-system in the world. Chandrayan and ADITYA -I and other space missions have raised India’s global stature. The abrogation of Article 370 has restored peace in Kash mir which has seen a spate of development as never be fore. PM Modi’s priority has been development of the villages, the poor, the farm ers, the women and middle class. His vision of India is where every citizen has a shelter and a job. Today India is the largest producer of milk, pulses, sugar, jute and in real time digital payments. We are second in production of rice, wheat, cotton, maritime products, and manufacture of cell phones. We are the third largest in fish and fish products, startups, in the pharmaceutical industry and power and the fourth largest in Renewable Ener gy installed capacity, wind power and solar power ca pacity. Today 25 crore people have come out of the shackles of poverty, toilets have been constructed for over 11 crore households and over 4 crore poor people have their own house. Eliminating corrup tion has been a priority as also impartial recruitments on merit. The Direct Benefit Transfer System has elimi nated the lobby of middle men and fake beneficiaries. The patriotic and deft manner in which the Prime Minister led the country during the COVID-19 ca tastrophe has been unpar alleled and also emulated tions of the world – “a bright spot on this otherwise dark horizon.” The government’s Aat manirbhar Bharat plan turned crisis into oppor tunity and gave the much needed impetus to economic growth. Under PM Modi’s leadership, India is taking giant strides on all fronts. by many countries in the world. India’s commitment towards the global com munity, highlighted several times by PM Modi’s repeat ed assertion of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The world is one family), as a guiding principle for our foreign pol icy, took shape in the most profound form in the form of the “Vaccine Maitri” cam paign. India had the largest vaccination programme in the world and, as the “phar macy of the world”, supplied medical equipment, pharma products and vaccines to several countries, saving millions of lives across the world. During this period, India ran the largest food security programme for the poor. The Ayushman Bharat—Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana—is the world’s largest health insur ance programme. While many economies continue to struggle with sluggish economic growth and record- breaking infla tion, post COVID-19, India has been recognised, by global institutions like the IMF and World Bank, to be one of the fastest growing economies among the na These last ten years have witnessed a paradigm shift in public service delivery and the implementation of innumerable government schemes for the citizens and infrastructure projects. The government has ensured irreversible empowerment for various marginalised groups, helping them be come self-reliant by provid ing a social safety net. PM Modi’s active monitor ing has made the infrastruc ture turnaround possible— be it highway construction, rapid increase in the con struction of rural roads, a massive capacity expansion in the railways and metro rail in the last eight years or building or operationalising 66 airports and ensuring air connectivity to innumer able tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Digital connectivity and IT infrastructure have be come critical determinants of our economic growth. India also aims to establish a place globally in the semi conductor and electronics value chain. Further, em phasis is being given on the use and advancement of ar tificial intelligence. Recently the Modi Government ap proved the National Quan tum Mission and became the sixth nation to join this venture. India is now a global leader for climate change and has a target of net zero emissions by 2070. The PM has aimed at adding 500GW of pow er by 2030. The National Green Hydrogen Mission, International Solar Alliance and Global Bio-fuel Mission will all contribute to this. It was only due to the Prime Minister’s sterling leadership that the secu rity scenario has drastically improved and made India strong, secure and invin cible – An Atamnirbhar Bharat, a Shashkt Bharat, A Swabhiman Bharat and an Ekatma Bharat. The se curity infrastructure on all borders has been strength ened and improved. The earlier problem of illegal migration, smuggling of drugs and arms, influx of fake Indian currency notes, human trafficking and ac tivities of insurgent groups across the border have been controlled. The North East is peaceful and Naxal activi ties have come to a stand still. A strong and sustain able disaster resilient and response infrastructure has been established and the world now looks up to India for disaster risk reduction. All this proves how patrioti cally the Modi government has kept the citizens safe against all kinds of threats – external and internal. Here lies the accomplishment of a determined government which wants India to be one and committed to the wel fare of its countrymen. Our foreign policy has been successful on all fronts as it is based on national in terest – be it our Neighbour hood First Policy, Act East Policy or the Indian ocean outreach. Our economic di plomacy, Make in India and Digital India policies have attracted FDI. Counter ter rorism cooperation has iso lated Pakistan. India’s voice is very prominent in QUAD, COP 20, FATF, BIMSTEC, BRICS, Pacific Islands Fo rum, G-7 or UN. India’s leadership of G-20 has been inclusive, decisive and pro active and has achieved the unimaginable consensus. No other Prime Minister or government has had such a spectacular report card for the country and its citizens. It is on the edifice of this magnificent performance and work that the country votes for continuity to en sure stability, growth and development and hopes for a resounding encore.

The author is a former Chair man, Haryana Public Service Commission. His views are personal