They are first in line to inheriting centuries old royal heritage. They are privy to the finest education and cordon bleu citizens of democratic India. Above all, they are very evolved and intelligent young men who are guarding their legacy with élan. Let’s meet five handsome and hugely eligible men of Princely India.

HH Maharaja Padmanbh Singh of Jaipur:

Global media’s darling, a celebrated polo player, drop dead gorgeous and a very able administrator who is running the large heritage empire of Jaipur, Padmanabh Singh has emerged as the symbol of modern day Princely India. The 303rd descendent in the long lineage of Jaipur he is a star on the polo screen. The polo season in India, flagging off from Delhi, going to Jaipur and finally arriving at Jodhpur is witness to his many wins. Padmanabh began playing competitive polo in 2015 in England and has led the Indian National Team at Hurlingham Park, which marked the first visit to the venue by an Indian team in over 70 years. He has also played with Prince William and Prince Harry in England in a competitive match in 2017. Emerging as a great host he has immortalized the holi celebrations in his home, City Palace Jaipur. Padmanabh is the sweetheart of international elite circuits, having escorted Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, Ava Phillippe, for her debut at the Le Bal des Débutantes in 2017.

Martand SinghChaitanya RajSuryajit SinghPadmanabh SinghAmbikeshwar Katoch

Maha Martand Singh of Jammu & Kashmir:

A gentle and intelligent young prince, Martand Singh is a carbon copy of his grand father Maharaja Dr. Karan Singh with a suaveness that is a reminder of his maternal grand-father, the dynamic politician Madhav Rao Scindia, Maharaja of Gwalior. A graduate of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, in Business Management and Sustainable Development, he has a tough family act to follow as he is the great grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir, grandson of Karan Singh who is a Rajya Sabha member and a senior member of the Indian National Congress Party, and son of Vikramaditya Singh who is actively involved in the politics of the state.

Working closely with his father to help him achieve his political goals, Martand has worked with a leading political PR Cell and understands first hand the mechanics of fighting elections. A keen environmentalist and conservationist he also works closely with his father for the various hospitality business and educational and spiritual trusts of the family.

HH Maharawal Chaitanya Raj Bhati of Jaisalmer

It was a big tragedy of losing a young father that placed him in the role of the Maharawal of an 868-year-long history of the Jaisalmer Riyasat. Not long ago the world witnessed visions of this young, handsome Maharaja preside over his tilak ceremony with stoic elegance, his procession being greeted by a sea of citizens who welcomed this young Maharawal with open arms. An agro entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an educationist, Chaitanya Raj is the son of Rajmata Raseshwari Singh and the late Maharaja Braj Raj Singh of Bhati.

Born and brought up in New Delhi and having graduated from SOAS University in U.K. he now resides in his palace amongst his people of Jaisalmer enjoying the goodwill and responsibility attached to the role. Promoting the socio-economic development of Jaisalmer has been his dream and he flagged it off by supporting CITTA in setting up the Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School and Women’s Economic Centre (the Gyaan Centre).

Tika Ambikeshwar Katoch of Kangra-Lambragaon:

A sensitized soul with grand plans for himself and his state of Kangra, tall, lanky and handsome Tika Ambikeshwar is the direct descendent of the revolutionary Maharaja Sansar Chand who brought Kangra Kalam alive, built waterways and help develop this hill station. His grandmother Chandresh Kumari was the culture minister of India and is the princess of Jodhpur while his mother, Rani Shailaja Kumari, a brilliant food historian hails from Sailana

Tika AmbikeshwarKatoch of Kangra-Lambagraon is a young man with grand plans. A graduate from Loughborough University in Politics and Economics plans to do my Master’s in Politics, MBA in Digital Marketing, and maybe, an MPhil or a PhD in Environmental Governance. Currently apprenticing at India Bulls he was one of the youngest people to have worked for His Holiness’ office and counts The Dalai Lama as one of his biggest inspirations Maharaj Kumar Suryajit Singh of Kapurthala

Maharaj Kumar Suryajit Singh of Kapurthala:

The Kapurthala royal family is known for its love for luxury as we as its centuries old linkage to France. Suryajit Singh, the Maharaj Kumar of Kapurthala, like his father Tika Shatrujit Singh is involved in the world of Uber Luxe. Great grand son of the legendary Maharaja Jagatjeet Singh Suryaveer went to Doon School and graduated in economics from Franklin and Marshallz College, Pennsylvania was born in the lap of luxury. He grew up in the house that had a glorious heritage and evolved taste to patronise luxury

A lineage that helped him work with global brands like Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren. Taking keen interest in the history of his state he is possibly the most sought after prince from Punjab.