India’s first web portal for Mind Therapy launched

The incidents of mental illness are increasing day by day all over the world, including India and it is taking a form of a “Global Epidemic”. Depression and anxiety are the most common problems now days. According to a WHO report 7.5% of the Indian population suffers from some form of mental syndrome. As per the Lancet research from February, 2020, around 19.7 crore Indians are suffering from mental illness, and about 5 crore of being reported to have depressive disorders, and another 4.5 crore to have anxiety disorders. So, nearly 40% people do not consult doctor or therapist and go for treatment because of stigma attached with mental illnesses. Keeping all these things in mind, a former IAS officer thought of developed a web portal for managing health issues like anxiety, depression and mental stress.
The holistic medicine treatment makes the digital platform unique. Our mind, body and soul are one so it must be treated in a holistic way. The web portal is the combination of psychiatry, psychotherapy, ayurveda, naturopathy, meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises and counseling too.
There are many people who are aware about their mental health are not good but they don’t know the exact illness they are facing. The portal have mental health assessment test where one can clear their doubt regarding the health conditions within 4-5 minutes. After filling the questionnaire on portal, one can get an auto reply then and there only.
In order to help people about their mental health, there will be online workshops, webinars and spiritual talks on the portal. Such interactions will help the people in understanding how to improve their conditions. As a support group, the website has sympathetic listeners who encourage thought sharing and offer guidance to others. The portal is having more than 5 specialists and renowned practitioners from 9 different areas. The first session will be free of cost.

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