India’s first transgender judge wants reservation in government jobs

India’s first transgender Judge Joyita Mondal wants the government to reserve government jobs for her community.

Meanwhile, Mondal has demanded reservations in the police force and the railway that will change society’s outlook towards them and help in their advancement in life.

In the country her community also needs shelter homes in adequate numbers and for this government should launch a scheme said Mondal.

Talking to the media Mondal said, “It is very important to give reservation in government jobs to the transgender community. If I don’t have a job, who is going to feed me?”

Earlier on Friday Mondal attended a culture and literature festival, “Lit Chowk” and said, “If by virtue of reservation, transgender persons join the police force and the Railways, it will not only help community members march ahead in life but change society’s outlook towards them.”

However, Mondal further stated, towards her community members and authorities should be more sensitive as they face many issues.

However, in 2017 Mondal was appointed a judge in the Lok Adalat of Islampur in West Bengal and became the first person to hold such a post in the country from her community.

Furthermore, transgender activist Vidya Kamble in 2018 was appointed as a member judge in a Lok Adalat in Nagpur in Maharashtra. After this, Swati Bidhan Baruah also became the transgender judge and by this, the country got the third transgender judge.

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