Indians place greater trust on PM Modi in 2020, says new survey

PM Modi
Indians place greater trust on PM Modi in 2020, says new survey

The trust for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone up by over 17% among Indians in the backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis in India. Indians from across the country have, in a survey by Polstrat, showed that more than 76% of them have a lot of trust on the Indian Prime Minister, while 15% said that they somewhat trusted Modi. The level of trust for the Prime Minister has also grown significantly amongst Indians since 2018. In 2018, 56% of Indians showed their trust for PM Modi, while it has gone up to 76% in 2020 in the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. People in India have placed their trust on Modi and believes that the Prime Minister is going in the right direction in terms of handling the pandemic. PM Modi is also deemed to be more trustworthy than any of the Chief Ministers in the country.

The Polstrat survey shows that 58.9% of the respondents said that they had trust on their Chief Ministers, while 76% of the same respondents said that the trust for the Prime Minister is very high. According to the survey, both males and females have recorded increased trust for the Prime Minister. The survey has also showed that across income groups the trust for PM Modi has increased in 2020 as compared to 2018. While the trust for the Prime Minister amongst the low-income group rose from 60% in 2018 to 71.7% in 2020, for the middle-income group the trust for Modi rose by 22.1% between 2018 and 2020. There has also been a significant increase in trust for the Prime Minister among Muslims.

According to the Polstrat survey, which was conducted in the last week of April this year, the trust for Modi amongst Muslims in India has increased by a little over 19% since 2018. Indians have also registered an increased trust in the government. Both the Central and the State governments have registered an increase of 18% trust amongst the respondent Indians in the Polstrat survey. The Central government in 2020 is deemed more trustworthy than it was in 2018, with 68% of the respondent placing their absolute trust on Modi Sarkar. The trust for the government was also seen to be increasing across all gender and age groups, however the younger generation placed more trust on the government than the middle-aged population. According to Polstrat, the findings were brought forward after a survey was conducted by Team Cvoter by carefully distributing the sample for the survey amongst different age groups, demographics, classes and religions of the population.