Indian students facing expulsion get support from Canada’s Opposition leader


Pierre Poilievre, the Canadian Opposition leader, has spoken out in support of Indian students who are in danger of being expelled from the country and blamed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for it.

He asked the government to “prosecute fraudsters” and “let honest students stay, work, and contribute to Canada,” in addition to calling for an end to deportations. “The Trudeau government fell short in its duty to defend foreign students from dishonest con artists.

Even those students who acted in good faith and have been working and paying taxes in this country for years are being deported as a result of Trudeau’s punishment of the victims. Punish fraudsters. The deportations must end. Let sincere students remain in Canada to work and contribute, tweeted Poilievre, the head of the country’s official opposition, on Twitter.

Poilievre also posted pictures from his meeting with the families of students facing deportation.
A section of Indian students in Canada have been threatened with deportation for allegedly submitting fraudulent admission letters, and the actual number is much less than the 700 being reported in the media.

India has been raising the issue concerning Indian students facing deportation in Canada, with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar also taking up the matter with his Canadian counterpart, sources said, noting that Canadian authorities have been repeatedly urged to be fair since the students were not at fault.