Indian paddler Reeth Rishya to compete in Paris Olympics


Indian master table tennis star Reeth Rishya Tennison is focusing on a spot in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024 after winning the Ultimate Table Tennis Season 4 trophy with Goa Challengers.

Reeth became the first Indian female to win a senior pro tour in 2021 and has been evolving through the ranks and succeeding at the domestic as well as the international level.

After winning back-to-back in the UTT, Reeth is now thinking about sealing her place in India’s table tennis batch, but she needs to conquer a few challenges in order to make that happen.

Reeth said, “The ultimate goal for me will be Paris Olympics. I am working hard towards it, it is a year ahead of me so I am working hard towards it. I could also see a lot of improvement in my game like playing more WTT tournaments and improving my world ranking which is important for the next year to qualify for the Olympics apart from the WTT tournament there is a domestic tournament.”

Before Reeth competes in Paris Olympics, she will be a part of India’s Asian Games 2023 squad as a reserve.