Indian Gamers: Reflections on Progress and Exciting Opportunities Ahead


As you probably already know, the gaming sector is booming right now and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, with PwC predicting that the global industry is expected to be worth $321 billion by 2026. But how will specific regions like India respond to a quickly evolving market and what kinds of products should we be looking out for next?

Current Stats

The widespread proliferation of internet access globally, including across developing regions, has seen the online gaming industry blow up in a way that has had to be seen to be believed. For example, African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya have seen online gambling markets open up for both casino games and sports betting. Meanwhile, according to research reported on PlayToday, the gambling market in India is set to grow at a rate of 8.59% between this year and 2027.

Evidently, advances in technology, legislation, and accessibility have created an era where online gaming and gambling are more prolific now than ever before.

Diverse Markets

As it stands, Indian audiences are able to take advantage of a much broader range when it comes to gaming products. For example, augmented and virtual reality games as well as live streaming (primarily through platforms like Twitch) have added a new level of immersion and thrill to titles like League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fortnite.

In addition, fans of niche games like puzzles can now access titles is mobile such as the illusionary pathways on offer in Monument Valley 2. Meanwhile, avid cricket fans in India have a large range of games to sample from Stick Cricket to Super Sixers Two.

Unsurprisingly, as an article by NDTV summarises, India is regarded as an emerging gaming hub and it’s easy to see why. Alongside popular PC and console games, the products people can sample are extensive.

Oldie but Goldie

As newer more innovative games fight their way through the rankings, traditional card games have had their staying power tested. Luckily, we’ve seen traditional Indian games with a strong cultural significance being given a modern-day facelift, with a prime example being the Teen Patti card game. Like other classics including baccarat, poker, and roulette, Teen Patti (also endearingly titled ‘Indian Poker’) has reached new generations and audiences through mainstream access online.

While the threat of new games and technologies could have forced Teen Patti into the underground, developers sought to use the advances to their benefit by creating their own live iterations of this fan favorite and making it widely available online.

Browser games also appeal 

We’ve also seen a sharp uptake in browser games being played by gamers in India. Essentially, these sites are either completely free to join or require a small fee to gain access to as Indian gamers currently explore a variety of releases, with many being solid gaming products. For instance, many people explore favored sites like Kongregate, a website that can be accessed through Facebook and boasts an extensive collection of online gaming releases. Leading titles include Rhomb, Pacifish, and Split or Steal. Kongregate isn’t the only option, either. Other go-to online gaming sites include the likes of BoredGames, Pogo, Playretrogames, and MmoGames.

Steam is another great option

Sampling a range of leading gaming titles for free on PC might just be the best option for a keen gamer with a moderate budget. Conveniently, Steam offers exactly that, with the video game digital distribution service and storefront now diversifying its offering to suit all budgets. While you can purchase products if you wish to, the service also offers games that don’t cost a thing.

Steam’s comprehensive selection of excellent products is mightily impressive. For example, Dota Underlords is a stunning spin-off from the popular esports product, Dota 2, and enables you to take charge of a team of formidable heroes as you battle it out for supremacy against any online rivals.

India’s gaming market is thoroughly saturated in 2023 with a little something for everyone, regardless of their tastes. As the forecasts indicate, the market is only set to grow further and we can’t wait to see how the products evolve as technology continues to advance.