Indian Coast Guard rescues 20 Bangladeshi fishermen post-landfall of cyclone ‘Sitrang’

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) rescued 20 Bangladeshi fishermen from the sea in a coordinated search and rescue effort on October 25 after being spotted by a Coast Guard Dornier aircraft that was on a surveillance sortie following the landfall of cyclone “Sitrang.”

After their fishing boat capsized, these fishermen who had to be saved were clinging to floating wreckage. According to the existing MoU between the two Coast Guards, they will be given to the Bangladesh Coast Guard.”In a swift coordinated Search & Rescue Operation, @IndiaCoastGuard rescued 20 Bangladeshi fishermen post-landfall of cyclone #Sitrang. Fishermen will be handed over to #Bangladesh in accordance with the existing MoU,” ICG tweeted.

Since Monday night, more than 18 people have perished in various locations throughout Bangladesh as the deadly Cyclone Sitrang made landfall.
The Dhak Tribune claimed that officials from Bangladesh who were closely monitoring the cyclone’s effects said they had made all required preparations, including accurate weather forecasts and prompt evacuation of residents in coastal areas.
Assam’s situation, meantime, is still dire as almost 1100 people from 83 villages have been hit by the deluge brought on by cyclone “Sitrang” on Tuesday.
Due to Cyclone Sitrang’s severe rainfall and storm in Assam, several homes were damaged. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority reports that the storm has had an impact on 1146 individuals.

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