Indian chefs set to welcome delegates with delicious cuisine


Millets will be the flavour of the day as not just cuisines but startups dealing with “super food”, and celebrity chefs, and an exhibition will fete the visiting first ladies and spouses of G20 leaders as they visit the sprawling Pusa campus of IARI here while their better halves discuss geopolitics.
Muktesh Pardeshi, Special Secretary of G20 India, says that there is a competition going on to make new dishes from millet in the hotels where foreign leaders are going to stay. Along with this, special attention is also being given to gifts given to the leaders participating in the G-20 meeting.
They will enjoy tasty Indian street food, including specialties from Chandni Chowk and creative millet-based dishes. In this context, the chef is actively crafting the food menu, taking all factors into consideration.
The handicraft, textile, and painting traditions of the country will be given priority in the gifting. The purpose of this is that when the foreign guests take the gift, they will take the memory of India with them.
He says that more than 10,000 delegates are expected to participate in the conference. Muktesh Pardeshi further added that we have identified hotels in central Delhi, Gurugram, and some neighbouring areas as VVIP hotels to accommodate world leaders.
A few minutes during the final session of the summit will be devoted to the symbolic handover of the G20 presidency to Brazil. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not likely to meet the Brazilian President before November 30, so the formal handover is usually done at the Summit.