Indian Army raising new units to combat China, Pakistan in cyber warfare


Amid the increasing activities of adversaries China and Pakistan in the online domain to target India, the Indian Army has operationalised new specialised units to combat these risks and difficulties as part of its cyber warfare initiatives.

The choice was made during the Army Commanders Conference, which was presided over by Army Chief Gen during the third week of this month. According to government sources, the Indian Army’s Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSW) are being raised in order to protect communication networks and boost levels of preparation in this specialised field.

They said that both grey zone warfare and conventional operations now have an essential role for cyberspace in the military.

With the increase in our rivals’ cyber warfare capabilities, the sources said that the cyber realm is now more competitive than ever before, underscoring the significance and necessity of such specialised groups.

According to them, “the Indian Army is rapidly moving towards net centricity,” which involves a greater reliance on contemporary communication systems at all levels.

According to the sources, who clarified the new units’ functions, “These organisations will assist the formations to undertake the mandated cyber security functions to strengthen the Indian Army’s cyber security posture.”

The Army has taken a number of actions in recent years to combat the hacking and virtual honey trapping used by enemies.

The Defence Cyber Agency is working at the tri-service level to deal with these issues.