S Jaishankar

Amid a major political crisis in Sri Lanka, the Indian Coast Guard has deployed its hovercrafts, aircraft and patrol boats to step up the vigil on the maritime border with the island nation to prevent any possible influx of refugees or anti-India elements from there.The surveillance has been enhanced in the areas stretching from the Tamil Nadu coast to the parts of Kerala coast with the deployment of Coast Guard personnel and assets along with other agencies, government officials told ANI here. The surveillance activities were upped soon after the fresh round of political crisis started in the island nation where people have stormed the Presidential palace and the leadership is reported to have fled the capital city, Colombo.

Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday said that India has been providing assistance to Sri Lanka and is monitoring the developments in the island nation adding that there is no refugee crisis now.“We have been supportive of Sri Lanka, are trying to help, and have always been helpful. They are working through their problem, we will see what happens. There is no refugee crisis right now, said Jaishankar upon his arrival in Kerala as part of intensifying the BJP’s efforts to make gains in South India. Jaishankar’s comments reflect how India continues to stand by its neighbours amid difficult times. His remarks particularly hold more importance as Sri Lanka faces an unprecedented political and economic crisis.Along with the central agencies, the Tamil Nadu Coastal police is also on high alert.The officials said that ever since the political chaos due to the economic crisis started in Sri Lanka, a few cases of people trying to cross over have taken place but the numbers are not very significant.The monsoon has also made the sea conditions very tough which would be acting as a deterrence against people trying to use the sea route to enter Indian waters, the officials said.The officials said the hovercraft units deployed in Mandalay in Myanmar would be playing a key role in surveillance activities as they can travel at high speeds in the marshy area as well as shallow waters between the Indian and Sri Lankan coasts.The Dornier surveillance aircraft of the force are also flying more sorties to keep an eye on the maritime border.