India condemns attack on Indian journalist by pro-Khalistanis in Washington

After a Washington DC-based Indian journalist was attacked by Khalistan supporters, the Indian embassy in the United States has condemned the incident in a statement released on Saturday.
“We condemn such a grave and unwarranted attack on a senior journalist. Such activities only underscore the violent and anti-social tendencies of the so-called ‘Khalistani protestors’ and their supporters, who routinely engage in wanton violence and vandalism,” the statement from the Indian embassy said. Washington DC-based Indian journalist Lalit Jha was physically attacked and verbally abused by pro-Khalistan supporters while he was covering a pro-Khalistan protest outside the Indian Embassy on Saturday afternoon.
“We have seen disturbing visuals of a senior Indian journalist from the Press Trust of India being abused, threatened & assaulted physically while covering so-called ‘Khalistan protest’ in Washington DC earlier today,” the Indian embassy in US said in a press release by Saturday.
The statement said, “We understand that the journalist was first verbally intimidated, then physically assaulted, and fearing for his personal safety and well-being, had to call in law enforcement agencies, who responded promptly.”
The Indian embassy in their statement also thanked the law enforcement agencies for their prompt response in the matter.
Jha on Sunday thanked US Secret Service for protecting him and helping him do his job. He said he was hit on his left ear with two sticks by pro-Khalistan supporters. He also shared a video of the Khalistani supporters on his Twitter handle.
“Thank you @SecretService 4 my protection 2day 4 helping do my job, otherwise I would have been writing this from the hospital. The gentleman below hit my left ear with these 2 sticks & earlier I had to call 9/11 & rushed 2 police van 4 safety fearing physical assault,” Jha tweeted on Sunday.

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