INC president Mallikarjun Kharge alleges PM Modi is ‘corrupt himself’

On Wednesday, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge criticized the government for turning down the opposition’s demand of setting up a Joint Parliamentary Committee to investigate the Adani Group issue and asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “is corrupt himself.”

Kharge sought to know if the Prime Minister has “joined hands with the corrupt”. “He (PM Modi) is corrupt himself, he is not saying anything to those who looted the country, no investigation is being done against them, JPC is not being constituted, so has he joined hands with the corrupt people?”

His remarks come a day after PM Modi said that all those deeply rooted in corruption have come together and are attacking the country’s constitutional institutions.

“We have a strong foundation of constitutional institutions. That’s why to stop India, constitutional institutions are being attacked. Conspiracies are being hatched to defame our institutions and bring down their credibility,” the Prime Minister said on Tuesday.

“When agencies take action against those who are deeply rooted in corruption, they attack the agencies. When courts pronounce order, questions are being raised on the judicial system,” he added.

The opposition including the Congress party has been demanding a JPC to probe the Adani issue. Kharge further lashed out at the Karnataka government over the issue of corruption and said that no action is being taken in the state.

“There is a govt of 40 percent there (in Karnataka) and they (BJP) are well versed with this. No action is taken against those MLAs from whom Rs 8 cr-Rs 10 cr are recovered. Here if any opp. member is found with money, they (BJP) make it a big issue. They start calling ED,” he alleged.

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