In Nandigram, Huji Brought Explosives From Bangladesh, Former DG Reveals In His Book

The presence of Maoists in the Nandigram movement has been repeatedly exposed. But former state police DG Dilip Mitra has revealed more sensational information in his new book. He claimed that ISI or the militant group HuJI was also in. Mitra further claimed that Pakistan had planned not only the Nandigram movement but also the assassination of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. He also mentioned the role of ISI in KLO and the hill movement. One after another explosive information came up in the book written by Mitra ‘Operation Black Stiletto My Years in Intelligence’. He also mentioned in the book that the explosives were delivered to Nandigram across the border from Bangladesh.

Talking to The Daily Guardian, Mitra said that he had interrogated the militants. He spoke of two militants from Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Another militant was also captured. In the book, he mentions that HuJI militant as Babu Bhai. This Babu Bhai was caught from Lucknow.

Mitra said, “I never touched them.” But he learned from them that Babu Bhai had crossed the border from Bangladesh. The explosives were delivered to some people in Nandigram.

Not only ISI but also Bangladesh, which once fueled unrest in India on various issues. In the pre-Sheikh Hasina era, Bangladeshi agencies have joined hands with DGFI and ISI to create unrest in India. The same happened in the case of Nandigram.

The former intelligence chief said, “Hand made bomb does not work in blowing up major roads or culverts. That is why explosives were brought from Bangladesh across the border.”

Mitra claimed that the police operation in Nandigram was carried out keeping Bhattacharjee in the dark. He claimed that the police operation was backed by an influential leftist leader of Haldia at the time.

Mitra further said that the CPM leader, desperate to recover Nandigram, had planned to set up a Nazi-style concentration camp. There are plans to set up camp in the school building. There was a plan to detain the land agitators in those camps.

Besides, Pakistan wanted to spread unrest in the whole country by assassinating Bhattacharjee. Not once, but at least four attempts were made to assassinate the former chief minister, which was foiled by state intelligence. This is what Mitra claimed in a recent book.

He said the state administration had already come to know about the plot of the attack on Bhattacharjee’s convoy at Jangalmahal. Even then, the attack could not be stopped.

Mitra’s has talked about cannon of negligence against a section of the state police. The former DG of state police has lodged a complaint against a section of Buddhadeb’s party. The book describes how the ISI has made an impact in West Bengal.

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