Following the huge victory by Aam Adami Party (AAP) in Punjab assembly elections, the leaders of several parties continue to join the party in Haryana, and this has led to speculations and discussions that the poll results of Punjab are most likely to affect the upcoming assembly election in Haryana. Although, the AAP succeeded in gaining a majority with a huge margin against its opponents and forming the government winning more than 90 seats out of 11 0 in Punjab. In a bid to strengthen the AAP in Haryana, the party leaders have started conducting meetings with the people as well as the dissent leaders of other parties with possibilities that they might join hands ahead of the assembly election in Haryana slated in 2024.

In continuation to this, another issue continues to surface in the state whether Naveen Jai Hind who had been looking after the party for a long time in Haryana, is still working with the party or not or in touch with the party high command or vice versa. To strengthen the roots of the AAP in Haryana, he has struggled for around a decade but following some recent developments, he is believed to keeping away from the party as well as the party high command. Nevertheless, he has taken part actively in a string of protests as well as agitations pertaining to public issues in the state. In a reaction to this, the party Rajyasabha MP and state in-charge Sushil Gupta said several times that the conduction of protests led by Naveen Jai Hind has nothing to do with the party.

According to the political experts, things continue to worsen in the party to some extent after the Rajyasabha MP Sushil Gupta has been appointed as the in-charge of the party of Haryana which led to widening the rift between Naveen JaiHind and Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal. It is learnt that Naveen Jai Hind and his supporters do not believe that the state leadership should be assigned to Sushil Gupta who has not paid any contribution to the establishment as well as the development of the party in Haryana so far.

When asked and in reaction to his association with AAP presently, Naveen JaiHind said that he is not associated with any political party.

Nevertheless, it is a noticeable fact that Jai Hind has played a crucial role in the promotion and establishment of the party in Haryana. Sushil Gupta is in the good books of the party supremo, be it any reason and the Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal and Naveen JaiHind are being reported at loggerheads over certain issues, particularly about the party leadership in Haryana.

Amid this, in wake of the AAP party’s success in Punjab, several unsatisfied leaders of other factions continue to join the AAP.

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