Imran Khan’s PTI mocks Bilawal’s Goa visit vvisit


Leaders of Imran Khan’s party, PTI, on Thursday poured hate on Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto’s visit to India, alleging he had gone there to show loyalty to Bajwa’s Plan of appeasing the US on Israel and India.
“As I had pointed out earlier, Imported FM was desperate to go to Goa to show his loyalty to Bajwa’s Plan of appeasing the US on Israel and India. He again missed meetings in Afghanistan because no photo ops there! Despite insult by India of refusal to arrange bilateral meetings, he’s desperate to go,” tweeted PTI senior leader Dr Shireen Mazari.
Senior Vice-President of PTI Fawad Chaudhry also took to his Twitter handler to unleash condemnation on the foreign minister’s visit and tweeted that they strongly condemn FM visit of Goa, participation would have been possible on video but problem is you people in “love of Modi are ready to disregard atrocities committed by Modi Janta in Kashmir and hardships Muslims of India and minorities to make Modi Janta happy” Pak Foreign policy is dead by all definitions of the word. He wrote that dozens of journalists have been sent to Goa with Bilawal, who will also serve as his political assistants along with official coverage of Bilawal Bhutto’s visit, a news portal reported.