Implementation of the injunction


Third parties whose interests have been clearly violated due to the implementation of the injunction decision may also object to the terms of the injunction and the guarantee within one week of receiving notification about the injunction. There are typically three types of injunctions: interlocutory injunction, interim injunction, and permanent injunction. The application of the injunction decision must be requested within one week from the date of the interpretation or notification of this decision to the party requesting the injunction. Otherwise, even if a lawsuit has been filed within the legal period, the injunction decision will be lifted spontaneously.  The officer who implements the precautionary measure, draws up a record. In this minute, the subject of the measure and the place where it is located are indicated; all kinds of claims related to the subject of the measure are transferred to this minute. The officer implementing the measure notifies a sample of this record to the parties who were not present during the measure and, depending on the situation, to a third party.

Annulment of injunction

If the person against whom an injunction decision has been issued or against whom this injunction decision has been applied shows the guarantee to be accepted by the court, the court may decide to amend or remove the injunction, depending on the situation. If it is fixed that the situation and conditions have changed, it may be decided to change or lift the precautionary measure upon request without seeking collateral. Each court can make different decisions on this issue. These decisions are taken according to the course of the case.