Ima Keithal market ‘historic example’ of women’s empowerment, says EAM Jaishankar

S Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister visited the all-women Ima Keithal market in Manipur’s capital Imphal. Jaishankar shared an interaction with the public in the market and called for taking inspiration from the Ima Keithal Market.

Jaishankar, while speaking to the media, said that he is “pleased” to see women’s empowerment at the Ima Keithal Market. He further said that he had heard about the unique market and that is why he visited the place.  “It’s actually something you have to come and see. I have obviously heard about it which is why I am here. So, when I look at all of them and the energy and the entrepreneurship that we see,” Jaishankar said.

 “A lot of what PM Narendra Modi ji is trying to do is to make sure that the opportunities are there for women (Nari Shakti) in India also to make the fullest contribution. This is a historical example of this. So, we should all take inspiration from this place. I am really very, very pleased to see that,” EAM Jaishankar said while stressing upon PM Narendra Modi’s efforts towards women empowerment.

Jaishankar is on a visit to Manipur from 26-28 November, sharing details of the same he tweeted, “Visited the legendary Ima market in Imphal. A great example of Nari Shakti powering economic growth.”

The northeast’s infrastructure and connectivity are being improved, according to Jaishankar earlier on Saturday. Jaishankar tweeted, “Assured that we are working to increase connection within the northeast and to the wider world and broaden its access to global markets and workplace,” emphasising how crucial it is to do so since it will serve as a gateway to the rest of the world.

According to Jaishankar, celebrations for India’s G20 presidency will take place all over the nation, including in Manipur. “Our upcoming G20 Presidency will showcase the Northeast to the world, with attendant tourism benefits,” said Jaishankar.

From December 1, India will hold the G20 presidency.

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