‘I want to even work in other languages’ says Mrunal Thakur

Mrunal Thakur

After the success of the Telugu debut movie, Sita Ramam Mrunal Thakur has instilled new confidence and shifted her focus down South.

“As an actor, you need to be language and platform agnostic. You cannot park yourself in a segment or section. That’s when your growth is stagnant. I will continue to be part of Hindi films as much as I will also seek and hope to work in films in the south. I have made my Telugu debut and there’s so much more to be offered and explored. I want to even work in other languages, someday even helm a strong Marathi film too,” Thakur said.

“I want to work with visionary directors and be part of their filmography. There are so many meaningful films happening there and I do hope to be part of films that will enrich me as an actor. Who has always been ahead of the curve and has led by example,” the Jersey actor said.

Meanwhile, Thakur is ready to do cinema in southern languages for any platform but she will see how relevant the character is.

Moreover, in recent years South Indian movies including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam language have stolen audiences and they love to watch them.

“Good content will survive anywhere. It may be a phase but I’m certain and I know there are some great Hindi films that are upcoming and will drive the audiences back. Similarly so much great storytelling has happened in the last two years on OTT, one should also acknowledge that and know that this was a wave of change and wave of great writing and content that was led by the Hindi film industry,” Mrunal said.

However, while wrapping Thakur said, “Understanding of content that appeals to the national audiences is something I feel that we can learn from the south.”