Huge Dip in Tourists in Haryana


The Haryana government along with the state Tourism Department is on its toes in a bid to promote the tourism sector in the state. Efforts are being made to woo domestic as well as the foreign tourists. Apart from this, Morni and Dharmanagri Kurukshetra will be developed as international tourist hub, for which various steps are being taken into consideration.

Amid this, it has come to the fore that in the last three years, Haryana has witnessed a multi-fold decline in domestic and foreign tourism, which resulted in a huge loss of revenue to the state. However, the Covid-19 pandemic emerged as a main factor for a dip in the tourists’ numbers. The official statistics of the last 3 years depicted that there has been a significant decrease of about 47 percent in the domestic tourists. In such a situation, the state government is required to come up with additional efforts to promote the tourism.

Although, despite the continuous efforts made by the state government, the results failed to meet expectations. In the financial year 2019-20, number of domestic tourists in the state was 3905930 which reduced to 2081938 in financial 2021- 22. Likewise their number of foreign has decreased more than that of the domestic category. The their number has decreased by more than 90 percent. In the year 2019-20, the figure of foreign tourists visiting tge tourist spots of Haryana was 41361 which was reduced to just 3925 in 2021-22 which is a matter of concern. According to the information received from the Tourism Department, there are a total of 44 tourist places and government complexes in the state. Kurukshetra, a religious place and Morni Hill, the only hill station the state, Pinjore and Tikkar Tal are prime tourist spots and remaining the centre of attraction for the tourists. Kurukshtera and Uchana oasis complex constitute more than half of of the total tourists.