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How to Write Blog Posts to Boost Lead Conversion



Blogging is an integral part of content marketing. Content marketing is a subset of digital marketing. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, online shopping has become a societal norm.

It is no wonder that digital marketing has gradually become the top marketing method. In content marketing, blogging is used to promote brand awareness, build trust, and promote brand loyalty.  If you take a second to think about it, all of these things only amount to one thing: getting customers to buy from you.

This is called a ‘lead conversion’. A lead is any person who has shown some interest in your brand’s services or products i.e., a potential customer. The purpose of blogging is to catch the leads at the start of the buying cycle and instigate them to move deeper in the cycle. Once a potential customer has successfully bought a product/service from your brand then we consider that a successful lead conversion.

Now that you know what lead conversion is, let’s look at some ways in which your blog can boost it.

How to Write Blog Posts to Boost Lead Conversion

  1. Create an Engaging Start/Intro

When someone finds your blog post, you have mere seconds to hold their attention and make them curious enough to peruse the rest of your content. To achieve this, youwill need to write an engaging title to your post and have a really catchy beginning to the post.

You can use some kind of power word that makes one curious. For example, a title such as “5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail” will make anyone who is starting their own business or has recently started a new business want to read the post. That’s because since the word “fail” directly affects them, they wish to know how to avoid it.

Words that can elicit a big response are known as power words and typically they include some adjectives as well. Using power words is one way to grab someone’s attention. But further in this post, we will look at other ways as well.

  1. Know Your Potential Buyers

Your blog posts should be targeting your potential buyers. You need to do some in-depth research about your brand’s buyer personas.

Doing that will help you find out which product or service is popular among which type of people.

When writing a blog post, you will need to leverage that knowledge and write in a way that is engaging to read for a particular buyer persona. To explain this further, let’s take an example.

Suppose your brand sells casual shoes targeted toward young people and teenagers. If you write a blog post about them in formal language with a stiff and serious tone, they will not like it. They will feel a weird disconnection between them and you. This may cause them to leave.

However, if you were to use casual language and include some jokes and stories then they would be very engaged. They may also show interest in buying the product you’re writing about (you may get some lead conversions).

So, knowing who your audience is crucial to writing a good blog post that will boost lead conversions.

  1. Address Customer Pain Points

Your blog needs to be useful to your readers. People do not invest any time in something they deem to be unnecessary.

Addressing customers’ complaints and problems is an effective way to make them feel that the post is useful. Pain points consist of four major types, those types are:

  • Financial
  • Productivity
  • Process
  • Support

Financial pain points may include the fact that customers feel that their current solutions are too expensive.

Productivity pains are when customers feel they are spending too much time on their solution. Process pains are similar to productivity pains but relate more to internal processes.

Support pains are when customers feel like the support from the company is not good enough i.e., have late replies, or solutions are inadequate.

By addressing these problems in your blog posts, you will instill a sense of trustworthiness in your brand. People are more likely to buy stuff from places they trust. And that is basically lead conversion.

  1. Avoid Duplicate / Plagiarized content

Plagiarism in your blog posts is harmful to your brand for a number of reasons. In the case of lead conversion, plagiarism can do irreparable damage.

Trust and reputation are some of the hardest things to build up. Yet, they are so fragile that one misstep can utterly destroy them. When a reader/potential customer reads your posts and finds out that they are copied from someone else, they will lose all trust in your brand.

The moment a reader loses trust in your brand is the moment when they are no longer a potential customer. People don’t like to deal with untrustworthy brands.

The harm does not stop here. the people who found plagiarism in your blog will tell more people about it. In this age, rumors and bad press spread like a wildfire. This will result in a destroyed reputation and you will lose even more leads.

So, you should always detect plagiarism in your blogs using a Plagiarism checker. Then, you should take steps to remove it so that the worst-case scenario does not come to pass.

  1. Have a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is usually some text or a pop-up in a blog post that incites people to take an action such as registering for a demo or a free trial so that they can become a lead.

Similarly, CTAs are used to convert leads as well. There are quite a few different ways in which CTAs are used. They can be:

  • Present in your post content (inline CTA)
  • It can be an advertisement.
  • End of post-CTAs
  • Popups and sidebars CTA

Usually, a call to action is used to ask readers to like, subscribe, comment and share. However, these things are not as useful for lead conversion as they are for lead generation.

Studies have shown that including a compelling CTA will boost your lead conversion and sales. Humans are more receptive to suggestions. Waiting for them to decide on your product or service is not good for lead conversions.

  1. Add Hello Bars

Hello, bars are small floating bars that either sit at the top or bottom of your website. These bars are really useful for lead conversions. Here is how you can use them.

You can add a hello bar at the top of your page and have it feature some kind of call to action. You could offer some exclusive deal such as a discount on a product or service so that people are compelled to click it.

Adding one to the bottom does the same thing. Suppose someone comes to your blog and reads a post from start to finish, then what is that person supposed to do after finishing it?

If you have a CTA on a hello bar at the end of the post, it is very likely that the readers will actually click on it and proceed with a purchase (meaning a lead is successfully converted).

If there is no CTA in a hello bar, then the reader will just click away. Hence adding hello bars to the start and end of your blog post will help in lead conversion.

  1. Add Images

Images are powerful tools that if used effectively are far more potent than just words. Adding powerful imagery to your blog can entice your readers to proceed with the purchase.

Adding text to the images in unorthodox writing fonts or a graffiti style will attract the attention of young people, if the image is accompanied by a compelling CTA, then the chances of a lead conversion happening are high.

For more mature and serious audiences you can use subtle imagery. Be careful not to overdo it though, because sensory overload is a real thing and too many images can ruin your blog post.


Lead conversion is the ultimate goal of all marketing. Blogging and content marketing aims to do the same.

We checked out seven tips to help your blog boost its lead conversion. Knowing your potential buyers and writing according to their age and demographic boosts engagement.

Using CTAs in images, text, and hello bars invites your readers to make a purchase. Inviting someone to do something reduces their apprehensions and makes them more likely to do it.

Removing plagiarism from your content makes it trustworthy and safeguards you from reputation damage.

Following these tips will help you increase your lead conversion through your blog posts.

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What is unblocked games & meaning



Currently, many schools, colleges and companies have blocked too many Flash and HTML5 gaming websites to help you focus on your activities.

This is the reason why many browser game sites in schools and companies do not open, making it impossible to play games in your spare time.

But honestly it’s not impossible because https://gaming sites are exceptional and unblockable like Http:// sites.

However, that doesn’t mean https://gaming websites can’t be blocked, but games are very unlikely to be blocked.

So, if you are looking for the best unblocked school games websites or school unblocked games websites, you are in the right place!

In this article you will find a list of the best unblocked gaming sites to play games at school in your spare time, unblocked and blocked games and more.

What are blocked games?

Blocked games are websites that are blocked by schools, colleges, and businesses that use internet filters or blacklisted game sites.

As mentioned above, many schools, colleges, and businesses have blocked game sites they think are unsuitable for helping them focus or for kids at school.

And they use internet filters to block gaming sites and also they block some gaming sites. These filters block all gaming sites.

Well, this is a very time consuming process but still some gaming websites will be unblocked as it is impossible to cover the whole internet and https:// gaming websites are less likely to be blocked.

What are unblocked games?

Unblocked games sites are those that are not blocked or made through internet proxy sites. People block these blocked blacklisted websites and visit them undetected.

As mentioned above, https:// gaming sites are exceptional and less likely to be blocked, or sites that people reject via internet proxy are unblocked gaming sites or game sites not blocked by school.

Therefore, unblocked games are used as backups when you are unable to access some of your favorite games.

And these games are completely safe at school, college and in your free time.

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Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, launched the first progress report for Xiaomi Pilot Technology for autonomous driving. According to GSM Arena, Xiaomi’s fully internal developed autonomous driving solution is called Pilot Technology.

The company has pledged USD500 million toward the formation of the R&D team and the creation of what it refers to as the most advanced self-driving technology. For its R&D team, Xiaomi hired over 500 experts from around the world.

To ensure access to the most recent innovations and technologies, the company made a number of acquisitions and strategic investments along the way. Lei Jun claims that Xiaomi’s autonomous technology employs an internally developed full-stack methodology and that the development thus far has surpassed all expectations.

The company is adding another USD300 million to its long-term industrial strategic capabilities. This investment entails a direct stake in more than ten already operating businesses that deal with everything from sensors to actuators to controllers in the autonomous driving space.

Xiaomi is taking no chances in ensuring that it has constant access to supplies and technology.

The company uses a full stack strategy, giving it total control over the software and hardware, and developed the autonomous driving algorithm entirely in-house. This strategy enables the business to create wholly proprietary solutions with closed-loop data capabilities.

It allows for rapid software and hardware updates that can be user-driven. The assisted “reserved parking space” or “autonomous valet parking” are intriguing Xiaomi innovations. Even more cutting-edge services are planned to be added by the company, including “automatic robotic arm charging”, as reported by GSM Arena.

Xiaomi is working to build a fleet of 140 test vehicles for the Pilot Technology development program’s first phase.

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Mahindra says the electric SUVs will come with cutting-edge technology, through the three key strategic pillars of Brand, Design and Technology. The company is promising great dynamics with these cars. Along with a semi-active suspension system, the cars will offer enhanced handling and an immersive sporty drive experience.



India’s 76th Independence day was a special day for Mahindra & Mahindra as well. On this day, the homegrown brand unveiled its new INGLO (Indian Global) EV platform and 5 electric SUVs under two EV brands, showcasing its vision for the future of electric mobility. Mahindra says the electric SUVs will come with cutting-edge technology, through the three key strategic pillars of Brand, Design and Technology. The first of the two brands is the XUV with the now popular Twin Peak logo in Copper while the other one is an all-new electric-only brand called BE. The five e-SUVs are the XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09. The first four of these will be launched between 2024 and 2026.

The INGLO platform on which these cars will be made will come with progressive battery technology, platform architecture, brain power and human machine interface. The platform will underpin all the Mahindra EVs going forward. According to Mahindra, it also offers class-leading safety standards, exciting performance, excellent range and efficiency, good driving dynamics, versatility and intelligent human machine interface. It also delivers a multi-sensorial driving experience with a futuristic, augmented reality-enabled heads-up display, edge-to-edge screen, 5G network capability. The first car that will be launched in December 2024 is the XUV.e8. In many ways it will be the electrified version of the popular XUV 700. It will get an intelligent all-wheel drive system along with a sophisticated cabin. Mahindra says it will offer supreme ride comfort both on and off the road. Next will be the XUV.e9 that will launch in April 2025. It will come with a silhouette of a coupe and panoramic sky roof and could look something like the XUV 500 Aero that was shown at the Auto Expo in Delhi a few years ago. The first of the BE launches will be the BE.05 that will launch in October 2025. Mahindra says it will be a Sports Electric Vehicle (SEV) in the truest sense, making it a category in itself. The car will come with a racing inspired design complemented by multi-sensory experiences. Following this will be the BE.07 that will launch in October 2026 and will be more of a family car. The final car is the BE.09 which will be a SUV grand tourer with a chiselled design, dynamic roof and solid stance. Launch date of this car has not been confirmed by the company. These electric vehicles from Mahindra will follow a common battery pack design with lean modules and standardised cell-to-pack technology using two different cell architectures – Blade and Prismatic. While the battery capacity options will range between 60-80 kWhr, the cars will come with a 175 kW fast-charge system that will charge them up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. They will be offered with both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models and power generated will be between 170-210 kW and 250-290 kW respectively. Mahindra is promising between 5 and 6 seconds to reach speeds of 100 kmph from stationary. According to the company, the powertrain is optimised to offer class-leading range. The company is promising great dynamics with these cars. Along with a semi-active suspension system, the cars will offer enhanced handling and an immersive sporty drive experience. Along with these you will also get a dual-pinion high-power steering system for light steering efforts and brake-by-wire technology that allows multiple brake modes for pedal feel and recuperation. The cars will also come with drive modes that will alter powertrain response, suspension response, brake feel, electronic stability control intervention and many more features at the touch of a button. Finally, there’s the all-important matter of safety. Mahindra says the new electric SUVs are designed to meet the highest vehicle safety norms such as GNCAP and not just limited to regulatory compliance. All the e-SUVs will come with a structural cage around the passenger cabin specially designed for reduced passenger injury. The new e-SUVs are tested at the world’s largest battery development and testing centre. With 5 Radars-1 Vision ADAS architecture, INGLO is futureproofed up to L2+ autonomy.

The author is a senior editor at

The INGLO platform on which these cars will be made will come with progressive battery technology, platform architecture, brain power and human machine interface.

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Teen Patti – nice design, attractive pay lines, simple interface



Live Teen Patti for Real Cash, like many card games, is based on the value of the cards and comparing hands. If you play this colorful card game in the Indian world, you will have to find out somewhere to gamble and profit by first getting to grips with Teen Patti.

How do I begin to play? 

It is recommended that you begin to master the game online with the lowest bet value of Teen Patti. This trick is most useful if you intend to gamble in a conventional casino. An agreed-on minimum bet is called a ” one piece” and all the other players put it into the pot. If yours turns a winning play, you keep the pool for yourselves. With Teen Patti online poker, the betting limits are set by the operator. You just pick your wager and begin the Teen Patti online rules game.

What are the basic rules? 

If you play in a physical casino or on a live poker game app, Teen Patti has a specific set of rules, which are very similar to the game of Hold’em. If you are new to the sport, not being familiar with these exact details can make things difficult, so we’re here to support you.

Prior to beginning a regular round of Teen Patti games online, each player must deposit an ante into his or her bank, otherwise known as the “load-in”.

Every single player gets 3 cards, and their goal is to get the best hand or become the last player left in the pool.

Each player must place an extra bid if he wishes to win the best hand in the pool. each punter must make an additional bet if they want to remain in their round. The size bet is decided by the present ante ( the bet ). The blind bets x1 or x2 gannets, and visible players place x2 or x4 ones.

The betting lasts until after the showdown, at which point a punter may have to pay to see another player’s hand, eventually, or one player takes over the pot when all other players have defaulted.

What are pay lines?

To better grasp the game’s specifics, you first need to learn what the pay lines are. 

  • Triple: The three cards of equal rank, AAA being the highest combination possible.
  • Straight Flush: The three consecutive three cards of one suit.
  • A Straight: Three consecutive cards with the same major.
  • Three cards of a straight: Three of a kind. In the event of a tie, the highest ranked hand wins.
  • Two of a Kind: A Pair of Cards of the Same Number or Chest.
  • High Card: If neither the dealer nor the Player has a couple, the High Card wins the hand.

What’s a Dealer’s Game? 

The Teen Patti Live Dealer Game combines the perfect social activity between players and dealers with a strategic game that gives food for thought without being overly complicated. With the additional stakes that suggest even further action, it’s difficult to require more of a live dealer bench game.

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5 Things to know before you try an online casino



National Football League

Are you curious about the world of online casinos?

The world of iGaming is growing each month, and the quality and variety of games increases at a rapid rate. Whether you want to spend an evening playing slots or get competitive in a poker tournament, there are options for all tastes.

Not only that, but iGaming is booming worldwide. People from all corners of the globe can pitch in and enjoy the online casino landscape. Whether you’re playing in Europe or looking for an online casino in India for real money, options are open for everyone.

But what should you know before you delve into the online world? If you’re interested in online gambling, keep reading. We’ve put together our top five tips to ensure you make the most of your iGaming experience.

Shop around before signing up

When investigating online casinos, you’ll have to decide on a specific website before you can get started. The world of online casinos is vast, and some specialize in different areas. Do you want to play on a slots-based site? Or would you rather use a website with high-quality live casino games? Make sure you check the game variety out first.

Another element to consider before signing up is whether players from your country are eligible to play on the particular website. For example, Indian players must find online casinos that adhere to Indian gambling regulations. Check whether the casino uses INR before you start playing.

Check if bonuses are on offer

Alongside checking whether the casino is licensed and has your preferred games, you should also look around for relevant promotional offers. Casinos want players to sign up with their site, and this leads them to make juicy welcome offers.

A welcome offer is typically applied to your login when you create an account for the first time. These offers usually provide free spins, free bets or free cash to play with. This is great if you’re new to the experience, allowing you to bet with free money.

However, each online casino has a different welcome offer. This means to find the best offer, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of each! While this sounds like a lot of work, many casino-related blogs offer information on the latest Indian online casino offers to make it easier for you. Research is key.

Practice on free games

Are you new to all things casino? Don’t worry. You can practise before you start. It’s best to start with free online games to help you learn the rules before you start. This is more important if you’re interested in strategy games, such as poker or blackjack.

Alternatively, you can read in-depth guides or watch YouTube tutorials to help you understand the rules and strategy. It’s always best to get started with some prior knowledge, particularly if you compete against other live players.

Consider mobile gaming

We use our smartphones for everything, so why exclude online casinos like Playerz? Though most online casinos are desktop compatible, most players prefer to enjoy the games on their phones. Many popularonline casinos offer dedicated smartphone apps, and most of the content is available on these.

The main benefit of opting for smartphone iGaming is flexibility. Want to play from the comfort of your couch? It’s easy. Would you rather play while on the bus? That’s cool too. Unlike playing on a computer, smartphones allow you to take your gaming with you wherever you go. Just make sure your smartphone device has enough memory available before downloading apps.

Set betting limits

Finally, one of the most important things to know before trying an online casino is how to practice safe gambling. When playing alone, you need to be responsible while online. A fundamental way to stay safe is through betting limits.

Betting limits are self-imposed limits that stop you from getting carried away. For example, if you can only spend a certain amount of cash, this amount is your limit. Once you’ve hit it, it’s time to log off for the session.

These limits keep the fun of the game, and they also keep you safe. If gambling doesn’t feel like fun any more, it’s time to stop entirely and seek help from friends, family or a dedicated gambling helpline.

The takeaway

Now you know the top five tips, will you be logging on? Online casinos are a great way to have fun at home. Whether you’re enjoying the game graphics or the competitive edge, make sure you remember these five rules. Enjoy!

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Car Insurance Renewals: All you need to know about it



It is important to know every little detail about auto insurance policies to make sure you save the most and spend the least. Car insurance is a vast topic and with an industry so big, things are bound to get complicated. There are so many types of auto insurance policies in the market, with each company having its terms and conditions. One important part of owning car insurance is renewal. 

Car insurance renewal might seem like a quick and simple process that does not require much thought process. But if you have been just paying the renewal price and nothing else every time your policy needs to be renewed, you could be missing out on great discounts and opportunities to save money on auto insurance policies. 

This article will describe everything you need to know about car insurance renewals, the things to do, things to avoid, and things to do to save money and get better coverage. Let’s get started. 

What’s Car Insurance Renewal?

All car insurance policies are not bought forever. You pay the price for a certain period and then the policy needs to be renewed to be active, just like your data subscription or your WiFi connection. This renewal either happens every year (annual) or twice a year (semi-annual). It solely depends on the policyholder which renewal cycle they prefer.

Policyholders usually get a notification, usually a mail somewhere around 30 to 45 days before their policy is about to expire. With the rise of digitization, it is very easy to renew your auto insurance policy. You can either get it done by a trusted, official insurance agent, or through your computer or smartphone on the auto insurance company’s website/application. You can also visit the insurance company’s office with your policy information and get it renewed there. 

A big disclaimer; never trust anyone who pretends to call you from your auto insurance company and asks you for sensitive information such as your bank account details or credit card information. If they ask you to open a shady website or make a transfer, cut the call and contact your insurer immediately. 

Saving Money During Insurance Renewal

There are some great ways you can save money and get better coverage during the renewal period. Since this is the time you can look at the policies you own, your requirements (which change with time), and other factors affecting your driving habits. Let’s take a look at the things you should do to save money while renewing your car insurance policy. 

No-Claims Bonuses

If you did not make any insurance claims during the policy period, you could be eligible for no-claims bonuses. These bonuses are discounts that you get when you renew your policy. The amount of discount you get may vary, but it usually ranges from 20% to 50% (if you have made no claims for three consecutive years, you could get 50% off on the renewal price).

This is only applicable if you have not made any claims. So while renewing, check for any no-claims bonuses or ask your insurance agent for the same. Even a 20% discount is a big price cut. 

Choosing New Policies 

Everybody wants to get great auto insurance policies, where the prices are low, and coverage is excellent. Sadly, you might make the mistake of choosing the wrong car insurance company and be stuck with them. The policy renewal period is your chance to make a better choice. 

If you are not happy with your current auto insurance company, then look for better car insurance companies in the market with better coverage at lower rates. Just make sure to keep your search specific to get the best results. For example, if you live in Texas, then look for Texas’ best cheap car insurance companies and find the one that suits you the best. 

Renewal time is also the time when you can completely switch your auto insurance policy. For example, if you have reduced your car usage, or perhaps the place where you work has adopted a hybrid work routine with some days of office and some days of work from home, then how about switching to pay-per-mile auto insurance?

With pay-per-mile car insurance, you only pay for the miles you drive, just like gas. So if your monthly mileage has reduced significantly, and you do not need general car insurance, then the renewal period is the time to make the switch and get a better, more useful car insurance policy.

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