How to Choose a Career Path between Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?


You must be already aware of the fact that data science and artificial Intelligence are among the trending high-demand career opportunities in the market as of now. However, it goes without saying that a lot of aspirants are not really confident about the decision to choose between Artificial Intelligence and Data Science as a career.  

We don’t blame you as it is indeed confusing as machine learning and artificial Intelligence are utilized as tools in the field of Data Science, and any product related to artificial Intelligence requires the person to possess strong data science skills. In addition, In addition, artificial intelligence and machine learning software can use the schema to identify patterns and prepare data for advanced monitoring. And if you want to know more about machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can definitely get help with Mezmo that provide powerful log search capabilities, especially if you are using JSON. Therefore, artificial Intelligence and data science are two of the most skill-based career parts that provide the students with a lot of intersections.

Other subsets of Artificial Intelligence can be considered as Machine Learning and Deep Learning which primarily utilize Data Science. In this article, we will be discussing certain factors that are required to be considered in order to choose effectively between data science and artificial Intelligence from the perspective of building a career in any of the fields.

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What Exactly is Data Science

The field of Data Science is primarily concentrated on facilitating the extraction of insights from data for making decisions driven by data utilizing the amalgamation of fields involving Mathematics, Programming, Statistics, and Machine Learning. 

It involves applied knowledge of all these fields collaboratively and helps in understanding how things actually work on the basis of data. Data science is basically an enabling skill set that is utilized by several digital technologies and applications, and a grounding in this field is known to provide a basis on which several branches of digital careers can be constructed.

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What is Artificial Intelligence

The basic purpose of artificial Intelligence is to imitate human Intelligence. It refers to the systems or machines that are capable of imitating human Intelligence in order to perform tasks while constantly improving their functions based on the information they gather. 

Artificial Intelligence requires a foundation of specialized hardware and software to carry out the functions such as writing and training machine learning algorithms. The systems based on Artificial Intelligence function by consuming large amounts of labeled training data, furthering the process by analyzing the data for determining correlations and patterns, and ultimately utilizing these patterns in order to make predictions about future status.

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How are Data Science and AI Related

It should be noted that Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are nowhere near the same, but it won’t be misleading to say that they are complementary to each other. The techniques based on Artificial Intelligence utilized in the extraction of insights from complicated and unstructured data are becoming a crucial part of the Data Science tool kit.

We simply cannot deny the fact that due to artificial intelligence Data Science is powered significantly.

Choosing a Career Between Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Considering just the names, it would be easy to understand that Artificial Intelligence is something that speaks about training and developing machines that can utilize human Intelligence to an extent. But on the other hand, we have Data Science, which involves handling, recognizing patterns, finding trends, and drawing analytical reports and forecasts.

If you are confused between being an Artificial Intelligence Engineer or a Data Scientist, then this is the right place for you. Let’s discuss the roles of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer and that of a Data Scientist, what responsibilities they carry, the skills required to become any of them, and above all, what salary package they are offered.

Learning About an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer can be considered a professional who utilizes Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques in order to facilitate the development and implementation of AI models. In order to become an AI engineer, a person must have an in-depth knowledge of both languages and a clear understanding of their implementation, model designing, code modifications, and development.

What is the Role of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer?

AI engineer works closely with developers associated with machine learning and data scientists in order to facilitate the designing and orchestration of the model workflow. In addition, they are responsible for understanding the current business scenario while grasping the requirements of project consultants and business analysts.

They receive all kinds of data sets from Data Scientists and work on the reports by understanding the trends and patterns in the market. In addition, an AI engineer test and deploy all AI-based models utilizing modern techniques and is responsible for automating robotic processes with the concept of machine learning.

Skills Required to Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  • Machine Learning
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Shell Scripting
  • Neural Network Architecture
  • Programming Language 
  • Deep Learning
  • Signal Processing Techniques

Salary Package of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An Artificial Intelligence engineer’s average salary package ranges between 5 lacs to 8 lacs depending on the employer and the skills required. Well, It should be noted that it is an entry-level annual average salary of an artificial intelligence engineer in India, and it is certainly higher than that of any other engineering graduate. At higher level positions, the salary of an artificial intelligence engineer can be as high as 50 lacs per annum.

Learning About a Data Scientist 

A Data Scientist can be considered a professional who is required to deal with several types of data sets, such as unstructured data, big data, and structured data. For the completion of his job, a Data Scientist utilizes several software tools to determine the patterns and trends in data. 

What is the Role of a Data Scientist?

Following the attainment of the information from data, high-level programming is utilized, such as Python, Machine Learning, or R programming. Finally, a Data Scientist writes codes to plot graphs with the proper utilization of the programming language and analyzes them further to obtain future knowledge.

It should be noted that a Data Scientist is not required to be an expert in statistics, estimation, and calculation. On the contrary, a professional can be a developer, a designer, or a tester, as Data Science does not entail a particular set of skills. 

Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Wrangling 
  • Predictive Modelling and Analysis
  • Machine Learning 
  • Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Big Data
  • Programming

Salary Package of a Data Scientist

Data Scientists in India can manage to attain an annual package of 7 lacs to 10 lacs on the basis of their skills. It is an entry-level salary package that is offered to a Data Scientist. As professionals, if a Data Scientist chooses to gain more experience and acquire several certifications, then the salary slab will definitely increase. 


At last, the decision is entirely yours. If you feel that you possess more strength in the IT and technical domain, then you must prefer Artificial Intelligence as your career path if you are interested more in developing applications and systems that can help organizations in increasing efficiency and profits, cut costs, and make strategic decisions. 

The field of data science will be suitable for you if you come from a statistical background and you are someone who likes to play with data and extract something from it. Basically, you are more oriented toward finding patterns and trends from a set of data given to you so that you can benefit the entire organization and bring data-driven results.

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