How to Break 6 Common Bad Habits for Good

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Our brains, like computers, are a lot like our brain cells (or like the iPhone 11, for all the other millennials out there). Everyone, even iPhones, has some “code” that may not be helpful. In the eyes of iPhones and computers, this seems to be an error in the software. This seems to be poor behaviour to us mere mortals. There are ways to rewire our brains and break negative habits, no matter how deeply ingrained they are in our daily lives. As a result of breaking unhealthy habits like a coffee addiction, endless scrolling on Instagram, staying up late and whining about work all night long, you’ll gain self-confidence and create new, positive behaviours. You can also click here to get better ideas to break bad habits. 

  1. Keep track

Increasing your level of awareness is the first step in the process of breaking a habit. You may be aware that you aimlessly browse through Instagram throughout the day, but you might not know precisely how much time you spend doing so or when you find yourself grabbing for your phone out of habit. It’s possible that you are aware that you need to stop drinking soda, but you are unsure of how many cans of soda you consume on a daily basis.

  1. Identify the trigger and then replace the habit

Find the reason behind the habit you want to break. Take, as an example, the habit of reaching for a piece of sweets about the same time every afternoon. Is it a hankering for anything sweet? Maintain a supply of dark chocolate in your pantry so that you always have a superior alternative available to you. Could it be stress? Instead of devouring the sweets, you should take a little pause and do something soothing for the next five minutes. Is it exhaustion? To boost your energy levels, go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. You need to be interested about why (and when) your negative behaviour is occurring so that you may either steer clear of the trigger or replace the habit with one that is healthier for you.

  1. Leave reminders where you’ll see them

Because certain behaviours are difficult to change and others are difficult to remember to stop, many of us continue to practice them. Stop scrolling through Instagram out of habit by adding a message to your iPhone’s background that reminds you not to open the app every time you pick up your phone. Stick a note on the fridge or pantry door to remind you to drink water instead of munching (when you’re not even hungry).

  1. Start fresh regularly

There is nothing wrong about missing a workout or overindulging in unhealthy meals; it just means you’re human. When we set ourselves up for failure, we make it more difficult to break our bad habits. It doesn’t matter whether you have a “poor day” or a “failure”; it’s a typical part of the process of changing unhealthy habits. Take away the all or nothing mentality that one slip-up may wipe out all of your hard work. Every day, every hour, or even every minute, give yourself a clean slate to remind yourself that one bad decision does not erase all of the other good choices that you’ve made thus far.

  1. Use visualization

Breaking bad habits is more than simply a matter of doing something. For a goal, more than simply words on a piece of paper or an idealized end, it must be sufficient You need to see it to understand it. Think about what your life would be like if you had more money instead of merely imagining how things would be without it. Make a mental picture of how your life would be different if you were to break any undesirable habit.

  1. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you

The people in your life create your environment, which has a greater impact on your behaviours than nearly anything else. You can’t break up with the individuals who share your negative behaviour, but spend more time with those who have the habits you wish to emulate. Inquire about the book your sister is now reading, or ask your colleague who goes on a morning run to fetch a juice for you before you head to work. If you’re not succeeding because of your current surroundings, you should change it.