How has the aviation industry changed in India?

Since the election of the Modi government in 2014, the aviation industry in India has expanded rapidly, with the number of operational airports increasing from 74 to 140 in the last eight years.
Following a cabinet reshuffle in 2021, Jyotiraditya Scindia was appointed as the Union minister for civil aviation and he announced that the government aimed to build 220 airports in the country by 2025. Scindia also shared that the market share of Indian companies in international freight traffic has increased by 17 per cent and cargo revenue has also increased to Rs. 2,300 crores.
Currently, India is the third-largest civil aviation market globally. In 2010, around 79 million people travelled to/from or within India. By 2017, the number doubled to 158 million and it is expected to reach 520 million by 2037. In order to meet growing demands, more airports and routes need to be created and the current government is taking active steps to ensure the civil aviation infrastructure in the country is improving. It is estimated that Indian carriers will place orders for around 1,500-1,700 aircraft in the next two years.

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