How docu-film ‘Kiss the Ground’ is Ian Somerhalder’s greatest work


Actor Ian Somerhalder is proud of the documentary, ‘Kiss The Ground’, and says it is his greatest accomplishment. Somerhalder is associated with the project as an executive producer. “This film is the greatest work of my lifetime and my greatest accomplishment — other than being born and having kids, of course. I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life. Ever. You’ll see why. This is a simple solution to literally stop climate change in its tracks,” said Somerhalder. Recently, Somerhalder also attended the socially distanced premiere of the documentary. Directed by critically-acclaimed documentarians Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, and narrated by Woody Harrelson, the documentary takes a closer look at climate control and ways one can change the way we treat our planet. It aims to show viewers how to stabilise the Earth’s climate, restore ecosystems, and replenish
food supplies. The documentary was released on Netflix on 22 September.