How deep is an outdoor spa?


Water treatments in the open air are a great way to relax and distract from everyday stress. Among other things, such a rest will increase the overall tone and help to get rid of a whole range of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, constraining the natural mobility of the joints.

There are many factors to consider when choosing luxury hot tubs. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the solution of all technical issues, and on the other hand, to preserve the landscape design, which with the appearance of the bath in an open area, should not lose its originality and attractiveness.

Any Aquatica Bath UK will be an excellent choice that will provide the best conditions for your vacation if you carefully consider all the requirements for its main parameters. Knowing all the dimensions of the spa, you can be sure that the hot tub will be safe and affordable for all users.

Often, when choosing a new bath, people pay special attention to the number of nozzles, capacity, length, and volume. These technical characteristics are certainly important. But not everyone attaches the necessary importance to the depth. It is one of the most important indicators, on which not only ease of use depends, but also some other important points. In addition, depth is often confused with height, combining them into one concept. The height of any hot tub is measured along the walls from the floor to the highest point. Depth is a parameter that characterizes the water level and will be one of the decisive indicators that ensure the intended use.

Manufacturers offer bathtubs for outdoor Spas of approximately the same depth at the level of 70 cm, which is considered to be standard or medium. In such a spa, it will be convenient to take procedures in a sitting or standing position for any person of average height.

There are non-standard designs that require a depth of less than 24 or more than 42 inches. Such baths are not in great demand, so they are made to order.

How deep should the hot tubs be?

When it comes to a bath for your own needs, personal preference comes to the fore. People looking for luxury hot tubs for universal use often prefer higher depths. If the bath is planned for the simultaneous stay of several bathers, then it is most rational to use a small structure.

Based on the fact that the average depth of the jacuzzi is 70-75 cm, then a bathtub with a depth of less than 60 cm will be considered shallow. It can comfortably accommodate several people, but it is only suitable for general relaxation and outdoor recreation.

People in need of wellness treatments should choose deeper baths for their outdoor spa. In this case, it is best to discuss all available models with the supplier, who will help in purchasing the most suitable option, taking into account individual requests.

At the same time, one should not disregard the factor that a large depth inevitably leads to a noticeable rise in the price of the product due to a sharp increase in mass.

Nevertheless, practice shows that for a good rest of five to seven people, baths with a depth greater than average should be preferred.

The main factors influencing the right choice

One of the determining points for choosing an outdoor spas is a person’s height. It is quite logical that tall people will not be very comfortable in a shallow Jacuzzi. In this case, any spa treatment will lose its meaning. Therefore, shallow structures are well suited for children or people with small stature.

Deeper baths are more expensive, they require more care and maintenance since their hydromassage equipment is more complex.

Luxury hot tubs designed for relaxation and entertainment should not be too deep. On the contrary, those who want to achieve the proper therapeutic effect should strive to purchase more in-depth products.

Not to feel discomfort, deep baths should be equipped with steps for easy entry and exit, which will require additional costs for manufacturing and installation.

When you need a deep bath

In some situations, it may be only a question of buying a deep bath. A full-fledged hydromassage can be provided only with the help of such designs. To achieve the best effect, the water jets must move freely from the middle of the back towards the neck and shoulders.

Hot outdoor spas are often used by people in need of movement therapy. Such procedures help to a great extent to get rid of pain syndromes in the spine and cervical region. In a shallow bath, it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect. It is perfect only for those who want to have fun with friends while drinking beer or gin.

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A deep bath is not always the best choice.

In the standard situation, when there is no need to go too deep, it is worth taking a closer look at the standard depth hot tubs. In this way, you can save money and get some additional advantages.

Here are the main reasons why a deeper hot tub might not be the best buy:

  • filling a deep jacuzzi will require more water and more time, which will significantly affect the costs incurred;
  • water for procedures should be warm, and a shallow bath will heat up much faster, it is cheaper to maintain the required temperature in it than in a deep one;
  • Luxury hot tubs with great depth will need to be equipped with a ladder, especially when it comes to using by older people;
  • when entering and leaving a deep bath, people suffering from joint diseases may experience discomfort;
  • for equipping deep outdoor Spas, expensive hydraulic equipment is used that requires qualified maintenance;
  • for the arrangement of a deep bath, more area is needed, which will have to be chosen to take into account the free zone to ensure full access to the main nodes;
  • In some cases, reliable installation may require a stronger and deeper foundation, which will affect the cost accordingly.

In general, when there are no specific requirements, the choice of a hot tub should be made based on minimalist approaches. To fully relax and feel a surge of vital energy, it will be enough to get a Jacuzzi of standard depth.

Sometimes it is more important to consider the location requirements of outdoor spas. If you plan to install a deep bath, then it is advisable to place the installation site close to the source of electricity. The perimeter around the bath should be covered with special flooring made of a non-slip material that can prevent accidental falls when entering or exiting.