We crave some music with earphones plugged into our ears whenever we are happy, sad, vulnerable, devastated, tired or depressed. Isn’t it? With time, we have understood and realised how music impacts our emotional state.

‎Kulaklarınızdaki müzik türüyle bu duygulara anında bir tekme atmadınız mı? Yatıştırır, rahatlatır, sakinleştirir ve hatta kalbi zaman zaman acıyla doldurur.‎

We know you, right? It is effortless to guess. Have you ever wondered why it is this simple to assume? We all feel these emotions with different intensity levels at different phases of life and times. We are all humans. We feel things. Also, don’t forget to review our article I do not own the rights to this music.

‎Duygusal şarkı sözleri, yatıştırıcı arka plan melodileri veya şarkıcının sesi olsun, bize huzur, mutluluk, heyecan, acı ve duruma göre tüm duyguların geri kalanını verir. Müzik türü, ruh halimizi etkilemede çok önemli bir rol oynar. Konuya daha derine inmek için, önce farklı ruh hali türlerini anlayalım.‎

Relating to an individual’s emotions, the mood is an internalised and generalised state of how someone feels. There is a never-ending list of emotions you can feel during a period. Sometimes you might be unreasonably happy, excited or jolly, whereas at other times, you might be deeply saddened, depressed, and vulnerable.

However, there are some significant moods that we somehow face and address in our lifetime. These moods are sad, frustrated, silly, lovely, guilty, happy, calm, excited, angry, destructive, annoyed, and so on.

We feel, address, and represent it differently, but the types of moods are the same. Undoubtedly, we react differently as we have different perspectives and mindsets.


How about you are going through a bad phase and listening to some upbeat and bright tracks? It can prove to be the reason behind your instant mood upliftment. Yes, it happens, and it does happen with all of us.

While waking up in the morning and listening to loud rock music might irritate you, the same can be the reason behind the adrenaline rush during the parties. It is easy to understand that the different genres affect our moods differently and immensely.

It has also been researched and cited that an individual’s relationship with the genre of music can guide how a particular track alters or changes the mood of that individual.

Anyways to clarify how the genre affects the spirit of an individual, we have shed light on the fact that it has been suggested that the downtempo jazz gives a peaceful and relaxed feel. Pop music is best when you need to push yourself a bit extra, maybe during your fitness sessions that trigger those happy hormone—endorphins. And, while you hear the slow music, it calms your soul when you are devastated.

The different genres depend on the type of instrumentation, tunes, vocals, and composition. Your mood depends on the situations and circumstances you experience and go through.

Sometimes, blending the right genre of music with the type of mood can give the best positive results. In contradiction to this, at times, it might leave a negative impact on the mood as well and be the reason for hindrance. It is indispensable to understand where to give it a pause and avoid it.

A genre of music can change, shift, uplift, and hinder an individual’s mood depending upon the time, situation, and type of genre chosen. Now it is crystal clear that the genres of music indeed affect the mood in various ways.

Meeta Nagpal is the founder of Musical Dreams, an artist management platform which identifies talented artists, nurtures them, and provides them with an organised platform to pursue a career in the field of their choice. Over the last 17 years, she has groomed and mentored hundreds of artists globally.

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