Houthi attacks cause Internet collapse in War-Torn Yemen


Internet access across the war-torn nation of Yemen collapsed early Friday without explanation, web monitors said. The outage began early Friday around 0000 GMT and affected the YemenNet, which is now controlled by Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.
Both NetBlocks, a group tracking internet outages, and the internet services company CloudFlare reported the outage. The two did not offer a cause for the outage. The Houthis and Yemen telecommunication officials did not immediately acknowledge the outage.
A previous outage occurred in January 2022 when the Saudi-led coalition battling the Houthis in Yemen bombed a telecommunications building in the Red City port city of Hodeida. There was no immediate word of a similar attack. The undersea FALCON cable carries internet into Yemen through the Hodeida port along the Red Sea for TeleYemen.