Hotel owner in Surat detained for serving beef to patrons, butcher absconding

Hotel owner arrested

A restaurant owner in Surat, Gujarat, was detained for serving beef to customers that had ordered non-vegetarian food in his hotel. The Hindu organisations informed the authorities as soon as they learned about the restaurant owner’s conduct.

Police raided the restaurant based on the information and found 60 kg of beef stored in the refrigerator. The restaurant owner was detained after a case was filed against him at the Lalgate police station in Surat.

Three members of Surat-based Hindu organisations were informed that a non-vegetarian restaurant serving the Hodibangla neighbourhood sold beef. They looked into the situation, verified the accuracy of the information, and then reported everything to the Lalgate police station.

When authorities searched the hotel on September 11, they found 60 kg of beef that had been stored in six bags in the refrigerator. After that, authorities summoned a veterinarian to the scene, collected samples in his presence, and transported them to the Forensic Scientific Laboratory for analysis.

Sarfraz Mohammad Wazir Khan, the owner of the eatery, was detained under the Gujarat Animal Protection Amendment Act after Lalgate police station received the FSL report on September 14, which indicated that the material was beef.

In the meantime, Ansar, the butcher who gave him the steak, has been listed as absconding. Further investigation is underway.