Honing creative skills of underprivileged children

With the objective to encourage underprivileged children and hone their creative skills, Nanak Sai and Nayan Naveli Gallery along with ‘Academy of Fine Arts and Literature’ is showcasing art exhibition ‘Ek Nayi Umang’ from 1 June to 10 June at Academy of Fine Arts and Literature. This show will be inaugurated by renowned artist Sakti Burman and Maïté Delteil. This show is curated by Arpana Caur.
Renowned artist Arpana Caur said, “Since 1977 my mother writer Ajeet Cour (Padmashri) has been running a free vocational school for underprivileged children, in my late sister’s memory entirely self-funded! When Amrita Kochhar of Nayan Naveli Gallery and Nanak Sai Charitable Trust approached us for bimonthly free art workshops by artist Ram Onkar we were very happy as she also provided free art material and snacks. Artist Ram Onkar has been an amazing teacher and offered free services resulting in their first exhibition in our Academy of Fine arts and literature. It is a huge encouragement for these children and a proud moment for their parents and friends.”
Amrita Kochhar Founder of Nayan Naveli Gallery and Nanak Sai Trust said, “I am privileged to do this for kids who actually want to learn art but do not have finance to manage it or not having privilege and chance to get this kind of opportunity to learn art from any art school or college. So Nayan Naveli Gallery and Nanak Sai trust, we come together in association with Academy of Fine arts and literature. We are doing this workshop on Bi- monthly basis. I am very fortunate to this and I want blessing from everyone to continue with this noble cause to all the children who want to learn art and do not have financial resource. We are looking forward to
help them.”

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