Home decor trends and design styles you will love

Home decor trends and design styles you will love
Courtesy, Onest Interiors @onestinteriors, Photographix @phxindia

Design styles come and go, but a good design language lives forever. Very often, we see old design trends resurface in our lives with renewed interest. Design trends tend to be cyclical, and interior designers have been predicting the resurgence of Art Deco for some time now.
Art Deco, also known as “Modern Style,” was born as a celebration of progress and is known for its sophisticated bold statements.
Art Deco made it through the ’20s, the ’30s, and the global conflict that engulfed the ’40s. It finally fell out of favour during the ’50s. This iconic style is now experiencing resurgence with period pieces and reproductions. It is often called art in style. Always sought-after, today it is back in a new avatar, where the trend today is being popularly labelled as “Neo-Deco.”
Art Deco has a characteristic style where sleek, geometric shapes align beautifully with modern minimalism. This has earned this style a lot of points with designers for a long time. The shift in popular design trends, from strict geometrical forms to more free-flowing elements, did not happen overnight, but the coming back of arches in designs can be said to be the trigger. Smooth arches, neutral colour palettes, and gentle edges are now bringing in an easy, relaxed vibe to decor. Everything from furniture to lighting to accessories is adorned with a gentle, comforting character with rounded elements.
With a recent rise to popularity, this style exhibits some key characteristics. Color is a major component of this style. Today, colour is being used in ways that have not been witnessed before. Often demure but also complemented with bold accents, it is used to make a piece of furniture or a corner stands out.
Furnishings and accessories frequently emphasise the vibe, while the use of wood is popular in furniture. In the Neo-Deco style, the use of metal, glass, and vinyl is well liked too.
Interiors replete with gentle edges and soft narratives are definitely on the upswing. To sum it up, this design aesthetic helps create a relaxed ambience. It is cosy and welcoming with its gentle visual narrative, yet does not shy from making a statement. So welcome back, Art Deco.

Sanjukta Nandy is an author, architect and interior designer. She is a regular design critic and feature writer for lifestyle magazines and has recently authored the book KHANtastic & can be reached on Instagram @sanjukta_nandy.