Hindus should administer temples, not the government: VHP


Milind Parande, general secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), suggested, temples in India should be handled by Hindu society rather than the government.

Parande stated that having government-run temples is not a good thing while speaking to the media in Nandanam. He continued by saying that those who do not adhere to Hindu society and Hindu dharma are granted the land and funds of temples that are under government management.

The VHP leader said, “I strongly believe temples should be managed by Hindu society. Whichever way they manage them, they will manage within the bounds of the law and social limitations.”

Talking about the RSS march in Tamil Nadu, the VHP leader said, “This is a clear case of discrimination against Hindus because the RSS march is taken out all over the country and Tamil Nadu cannot be an exception.”

“The acharyas are debating many important issues, and we are preparing to pass over the temples to society,” he continued.

He stated that if there is a problem, it should be resolved rather than forbidding the rallies.

After receiving approval from the Madras High Court, the RSS held their yearly rallies on Sunday in the districts of Cuddalore, Kallakurichi, and Perambalur. On Wednesday morning, the Tamil Nadu government told the High Court that three out of 50 locations had been approved for RSS demonstrations by the state police. The Tamil Nadu government had previously refused permission for the RSS to hold protests on October 2 due to a law and order issue.

The Tamil Nadu government should take serious action against “Islamic Jihadis” who are inciting “political violence” and assaulting Hindus in this state, the VHP leader continued.

The state government is acting incorrectly in this case by appeasing Muslims, which is a political gambit that is not anticipated from them, he continued.

According to Parande, Hindi and Tamil are our own languages, so we shouldn’t seek to eradicate them. He continued, “Rejecting a language is not a wise choice for the nation.”

On this occasion, he announced that VHP will be holding a membership drive from November 6 to November 20. He continued, “Crores of Hindus would be called to join the VHP for at least one crore.”