‘Hindus are Shudra’: DMK leader A Raja’s statement sparks controversy

A Raja

A massive issue has been raised by DMK leader A Raja’s most recent remarks against Hinduism. According to him, a person is a Shudra as long as they are Hindus. He continued by saying that a Hindu will always be a prostitute’s son. Congress politician Americai Narayan has criticised the statement, calling it insulting to the Sanatan religion. Narayan said, “Raja has been a consistent abuser of Hinduism, but Congress is a secular party and respects all religions. The disrespectful remark by A Raja has erupted a war of words in the political corridors. He has been seen abusing and disrespecting Hindus earlier as well.”

State BJP chief Annamalai expressed his disapproval of A Raja’s remark. It is generating political conversation that will take place in the state of Tamil Nadu. A Raja stated that according to the supreme court, if you are Christian, Muslim, or Persian, you must be Hindu. “Will other legal systems have such harsh rules?”