The events of the past year and a half have made even the most reticent of personalities digi-savvy. In fact, those who are enterprising have taken the opportunity to turn their social media posting into a lucrative career. In 2021, the number of social media influencers has grown tremendously, with many doing exceedingly well in a short span of time. Even if people are not looking for personal glory, they have had to adopt digital mediums to promote their businesses, as that is the best way to survive in this altered world. If you are in this position, you must have wondered what it takes to stand out in this crowd. The talent of course, a bit of luck and resourcefulness as well as having access to a professional recording studio to up your content game.

There are a number of advantages to recording videos and photos in a professional studio setup. Personally, I have recorded content in RRE Studios located in Surajkund, Faridabad, Delhi-NCR and have seen the difference in quality from a simple home shoot to a professional studio shoot. If this is something you have never seriously thought about, but are interested in exploring, here are a few important reasons why you should look at booking yourself a slot in a professional studio like RRE Studios in Delhi.


There are a number of problems one faces when shooting in their own home. You have to share the space with your family members, noisy neighbours, and endure general household sounds, which can really hamper the overall recording experience. Another serious problem is to find an empty space to shoot. A professional recording studio setup will have none of these problems.

The acoustically treated rooms of RRE Studios address these needs specifically. Apart from offering a convenient space for live streaming, they also offer a seamless LAN internet connection to ensure the recording process is never disrupted. This is further enhanced by their exclusive indoor shoot space where one can avail of Chroma and other backdrops of one’s choice.


If you’re looking for superior quality sound for your videos, then it is essential to have a good quality microphone, as well as other recording paraphernalia like ring lights, high-quality cameras, tripods as well as good editing software. Investing in all this is quite an expensive proposition, and then there is the headache of having to store them correctly and taking care of them. Fortunately, at RRE Studios one can access state-of-the-art equipment at no extra cost.


Having access to the services provided by a sound engineer or producer is an ideal situation if one is looking to improve their content game. Interestingly, RRE Studios is the brainchild of an experienced Music Producer—Rajshree Agarwal, and therefore one can be assured they are in good hands.


Influencers and small business owners often have to juggle many roles, both creative and technical ones, which can sometimes feel like a huge burden. The ideal solution, therefore, is to outsource these extra roles by recording in a professional studio setup, so you can concentrate on what you do best.


Acoustics and lighting are the two things that can make or break any video. It can be difficult to cut ambient sound or create good lighting at home, hence a professional recording space works best.

I hope these pointers have managed to convince you of the merits of a professional recording studio if you are an influencer or a small business that is dependent on social media for visibility and accessing new clientele. If you are serious about capturing high-quality live performances, definitely look for a professional recording studio setup near you. For those in Delhi-NCR, RRE Studios located in Faridabad is a good option. One can rent any of their four studio spaces through their website for an hour, half-day, full-day, or take a package deal at a competitive price.

The writer pens feature articles for various publications, creates content for websites and writes on her lifestyle blog She can be found on Instagram @nooranandchawla.

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