Nilesh heads marketing at [x]cube LABS, and manage branding, product marketing, as well as our social media, and content-based marketing efforts. Nilesh is an AR/VR, Immersive Tech & Blockchain enthusiast, and enjoys solving problems in the enterprise leveraging digital technologies for the enterprise

Q: What was the idea behind starting [x]cube LABS? What was the inspiration behind finding your Innovation Enterprise?

We established [x]cube LABS in 2008 to help enterprises innovate and disrupt markets by leveraging digital as a strategy. From a team of just 6-7 members including the co-founders, we are now 700+ associates globally. The inspiration for me, like for many others around the world, was the iPhone launch announcement made by Steve Jobs. We were immediately able to see that having a full-fledged computer, with a full operating system in your pocket was a game-changer. We saw several possibilities at that point, in terms of how the smartphone would fundamentally change how we socialize, connect, play, and work. Moreover, we saw the smartphone as the first in a wide variety of new technologies that would make a significant impact.

Q: What is the Impact of Digital Transformation and Evolving Tech on Manufacturing?

Manufacturing in the future will look quite different from what it is today. The new era will be marked by extremely agile organizations that leverage digital technologies as they employ human skills and machinery to deliver products to the markets. Using technologies such as IoT-enabled automation, AI/ML, Cloud, and more we are seeing the growth of manufacturing as a service (MAAS), that relies on ‘cloud network manufacturing,’ and provides on-demand access to shared computing resources, predictive automation, which predicts impending breakdowns and mitigates downtime in manufacturing activities, agile manufacturing for increased efficiency at reduced costs, and more.

Q: What are some of the recent trends in the digital transformation market? What are the various industries that are sure to witness rapid growth due to digital adoption?

Of late, we are seeing technologies such as Blockchain helping enterprises across industries leverage its various benefits. Owing to its enhanced security and traceability, I think the healthcare and retail industries in general and the finance industry, in particular, will benefit immensely from its adoption. There’s also a lot of buzz about the metaverse and the role of AR/VR, but there are a lot of questions we need to answer before those become mainstream. 

As for industries, in the short term, I would say finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail are experiencing rapid adoption of digital technologies and progress as a result.

Q: What has been your vital contribution to the healthcare space? What are some of the future roadmaps you are looking forward to in the digital healthcare space?

Healthcare has been one of our key focus areas at [x]cube LABS. A few of the notable solutions we have delivered for our clients are outlined below:

• GE: A secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile application used by physicians to work on the go, update medications, view reports, order new prescriptions, deliver them directly to pharmacy stores, etc.

• Magellan: A mobile app based on a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program that’s clinically proven by leading researchers to improve the sleep of more than 80% of participants.

• Novartis: An intelligent patient engagement platform with adaptive engaging features for both Patients and Site Coordinators who are part of clinical trials.

• Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories: A one-stop solution to manage tasks, projects, and approvals through a single platform that also Integrates with several internal systems and avoids multi-channel workflows. 

• Dr. Lal Pathlabs: We developed a machine-learning algorithm that can accurately predict the expected time of report (ETR) based on multiple factors, at the time of test registration/sample collection. This resulted in superior customer experience and operational efficiency for the organization.

As for our roadmap, we are working with several global enterprises to build innovative solutions focused on increasing the efficiency of healthcare centers, making medical devices more feature-rich and accessible, and leveraging emerging technologies such as AR/VR and automation in healthcare.

Q: What are some of the innovative tactics that [x]cube LABS is looking to adopt to stay relevant in the market?

At [x]cube LABS, our focus has always been to build products that solve problems for consumers and design engaging experiences. The training that we provide our associates and new hires is also focused on this vision, to empower them to visualize the entire product and its impact rather than just pieces of it that needs to be built. 

To that end, we want to continue scaling our operations to advance our position as a high-growth leader helping companies embrace digital innovation. Within the company, we operate several centers of excellence where our associates are working on innovations in the areas of Big Data, IoT, Cloud, and more. We also want to ramp up our hiring this year to keep pace with our growth and expansion plans globally.

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