Herbal teas that will make you feel relaxed

In major tea-producing countries, 15 December is celebrated as International Tea Day. Since 2005, several nations such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, and Tanzania, have commemorated this special day.

 However, as the tea harvesting season starts in May in most tea-producing countries, the UN also declared 21 May as International Tea Day. This means we now have two international days to celebrate. Regardless of the type of headache you experience, consuming a warm cup of tea may help you to soothe the distracting, throbbing pain in your head, these soothing herbal tea options will surely help you.

Ginger tea

One of the most popular culinary spices with a variety of health advantages is ginger. It has potent antioxidants that aid in lowering inflammation.

Chamomile tea

Insomnia and anxiety are two conditions that are frequently treated with chamomile tea. While there isn’t enough evidence to conclusively link chamomile tea to the treatment of headaches, its calming properties may be helpful for tension headaches.

Feverfew tea

The use of feverfew as medicine dates thousands of years ago. The effectiveness of feverfew in treating migraines has been investigated in numerous studies. Feverfew is a herb that can be used to alleviate migraines as well as general headache pain.

Clove tea

Indonesian-born and globally grown, clove is a priceless spice. For centuries, it has been used to cure a variety of pains, including headaches. Its antinociceptive qualities are probably to blame for this. Antinociceptives assist in preventing or lessening the experience of pain.

Peppermint tea

Originally from the Middle East and Europe, peppermint is widely cultivated all over the world. Indian herbal treatments for dyspepsia, colds, coughs, and other ailments sometimes use peppermint as an herb. Tea with peppermint flavour is made by steeping peppermint leaves in hot water. It is consumed for a variety of health advantages brought on by the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it contains.

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