Haryana sees major decline in industrial investments


The fatal pandemic has affected almost all spheres of life globally during the last three years. Be it industry or education or business or health sector, no one remained unaffected as restricted norms and guidelines which were imposed and were brought into force in order to protect us from the virus, resulting in the shutdown of industries. In continuation to this, it came to for that more than 30000 crore rupees were invested in industrial sector of Haryana but what is of utmost important share to mention is that the deadly pandemic also left the industrial sector in a state of disparity as an amount 4000 crore was invested in industries in Haryana which led to increase the terribles of India’s industrialist as well as labour class along with commoners. The year 2020 marred with fatal corona witnessed an investment of just Rs 2200 crore, much lesser as compared to previous years to be followed by the year 2000 2021 with an investment of rupees just 1637.52 crores which is the much lower during a period of last 8 years. it is a noticeable fact that investment activities witnessed a dip due to the corona. Although, the state government continues to put its best to woo the investors after the corona wave got dim in the state as well as in the county

The data made available by the state government revealed that an amount of Rs just 423 crores rupees has been invested in the industrial sector in Haryana so far in the year 2022 and the ongoing scenario to some extent indicates that things are most likely to remain unchanged this year also as the deadly Corona still exists. During a period of the last 8 years, from 2014 to 2021, an amount of Rs 30121 .40 crore rupees was invested in Haryana and the year 2015 saw a maximum investment of rupees 5177 .07 crores which are pretty higher so far to be followed by the year 2018 with an investment of Rs 48 35.15 crores. Thus, a continuous and multi-fold increase in investment is clearly visible from the statistics which has forced the state government to mull over its strategy so that the maximum investors can be attracted for the investment.

Rewari District of Haryana which falls in NCR exists on the top as it saw a maximum investment of more than 3000 crores during last year. Besides, districts like Karnal, Sonipat and Bahadurgarh, a city which falls in Jhajjar district and adjoining National Capital Delhi do exist among the first choice and destinations for investment. Apart from aforesaid, another district namely Sonipat also emerges among the best destinations for the investment as a total amount of more than 2500 has been invested in the district in a period of 8 years so far. Similarly and Apart from this, investments at a large scale also have been witnessed in other districts of the state.

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