Haryana farmers face ruin: Unseasonal rain ravages crops

Unseasonal Weather Devastates Crops, Leaving Farmers in Despair Despite Government Promises of Compensation
Farmers in the state had high hopes for their financial prospects following a bumper crop, but their dreams were dashed when unseasonal rain, strong winds, and hailstorms resulted in extensive crop damage. Though the government has pledged to compensate farmers within two months, it is unclear whether they can fully recover their losses. Farmers are now calling for timely and adequate compensation to help ease their financial burdens.
The Agriculture Department reported crop losses of 10-20% last month, but farmers and agricultural experts argue that the actual damage is much more severe, especially in light of standing water in the fields. With the resurgence of rainfall beginning on March 30, the losses are expected to increase further.
Wheat crops have been hit especially hard, as the grains were already damaged by excessive heat. The standing water has led to the grains turning black and shrinking in size. Last month’s rain and hailstorms resulted in a 10-15% loss for wheat crops and a 15-20% loss for mustard crops. The situation is so dire that it is impacting farmers’ health, with one farmer dying of a heart attack in Rewari and another in Jhajjar experiencing worsening health.
In response to the crisis, the state government has decided to offer compensation from its fund to farmers who are not covered by crop insurance schemes. The compensation assessment, or girdawari, is set to be completed within 15 days. Chief Minister Manohar Lal has assured farmers that the compensation will be deposited in their bank accounts by May.
The government has set compensation rates of INR 15,000 per acre for wheat crop losses greater than 75% and INR 12,000 per acre for losses between 50 and 75%. However, farmers and farmers’ organisations maintain that the government should increase the compensation amounts and conduct proper girdawari to address the full extent of the damage.

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